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B-R-U-I-N-S Not U-S-A!

Ok. So I haven’t wirtten about hockey much this year. But I do have a request for the Bruins fans out there and hopefully you’ll humor me and take this request seriously.

I’m amped the Bruins are going to the Stanley Cup Finals, why wouldn’t I be? It’s a great thing for the team, the fans and for the city of Boston. Plus, why should they let the Red Sox get all the attention? Let those bitches work for it! Now I do have one request for the fans when going to the games in town and I’m sure there’s more than a few who will disagree with this request, but hear me out. The Boston Bruins have 3, yes, THREE(1-2-3) players on the roster from the United States. Can we PLEASE drop the ‘USA’ chant?

Do I get why y’all do it? Yeah. I mean, we ARE in the US and Tim Thomas is from the US and we don’t let the colors run and we killed Bin Laden. Yeah, yeah, I get it. I know you chant it to inspire the players or Thomas. But it’s not about one guy – it’s a team effort!

But there is just something about the chant during a normal hockey game that’s just so cringe worthy. It just screams ‘Douche Bag American’ and what aboot the players from different lands that bust their humps? Where’s there’s chant?(Since you’ll never be able to inspire Kaberle, can we all agree that he is the Eric Gagne of the Bruins?)

Oh and Vancouver has 6 American players. Two of them are Ryan Kesler & Andrew Alberts. Do you REALLY want to inspire them? I mean, Kesler is a beast and Alberts is…..ok….not so much Alberts. But you get what I’m trying to say, right?

Do you really want to inspire these douche nozzles?

With that said, if you’re looking to chant something at the game – here are some ideas for you:

Thomas is Good!
Go Whalers….Errr…Ummm…I mean, never mind!
Chara is Tall!
Make Daddy Proud, Greggy!

And my personal favorite:
Kesler is a Cunt!

So feel free to take the ball and run with it. Come up with your own chant to inspire the Black & Gold and who knows, maybe we can get together and sing it to the boys over & over & over again during a parade in Boston? It could happen……..right?


Oh yeah…P.S. Can we PLEASE have Terry Francona, Doc Rivers & Bill Belichick speak to the lads & inspire them to win?


Bruins vs. Rangers Pictures

If you don’t follow Sharon Bradley Photography on Facebook – you should! She’s a talented photographer who’s been working with The Bruins Blog and can be seen shooting from her perch behind the glass. Here’s some great shots Sharon decided to share with me from Sunday’s Bruins win against the Rangers! Enjoy!

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Why Does Colin Campbell Have A Job?

During an interview withe 590 The Fan in Toronto, NHL Head disciplinarian, Colin Campbell, called the hit on Marc Savard as “”shoulder to head.” and didn’t see Matt Cooke’s elbow with Savard’s head.

Now, I know I’m just some dumb blogger – but is anyone shocked? Now, I could  say ‘I told you so!’ – but I’m not going to. For the first time I’m really upset. After the hit and everyone called for Cooke’s head – I knew nothing was going to happen and SURE ENOUGH! BOOM! Campbell strikes again.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie reported on twitter that Campbell said it was matter of consistency , that if it happens next year, the suspension would be stiffer and that Matt Cooke would NOT be suspended for the possible season ending hit on Marc Savard. Ummm Are you kidding me? Just out of curiosity, what’s a stiffer suspension that NO GAMES? One Game? Half Game? A slap on the hand and no sent to bed with no supper? Can you also explain to me how mocking a slutty girl is worse than giving a man a concussion?

Colin Campbell is a joke.

Since you can’t get suspended for possibly cutting the season short for someone, it’s payback time. Can’t beat’em? Join’em.

Listen, I know two wrongs don’t make a right and it’s about being the bigger person and all that happy horse shit – but I want a repeat of the November 1st, 2009 game against the Stars. I want blood on the ice. I want Matt Cooke,  to quote Amanda from Melrose Place, to be left with that proverbial wish – that he never was born.

Looch, I’m looking at you. Campbell already thinks you’re a thug for doing NOTHING, why not give him a real reason to hate you. I want Wideman falling on people & breaking their bones, I want the return of One Hit Hunwick, I want Chara to use their fourth line as finger puppets. Ok, that was a bit much – but you get my point.

Do I want them to win? Of course I do and I know fisticuffs could get in the way. But I don’t care. It’s payback time and if the refs or Campbell are going to do anything about it, it’s about damn time that the players do.  *EDIT* After I posted this, The Sporting News spoke to Vincent Lacavalier of the Lightning(who had a run-in with Cooke) and Vinny said the NHL got is all wrong:

The hit on Savard “makes me sick,” Lecavalier told the St. Petersburg Times. “That’s the type of player he is. He runs around and he hits guys when they are in a vulnerable position. I hope the league does something about it.

“If they don’t, it’s going to be a big mistake, especially protecting a guy like him who has previous times hit guys dirty. I think they should suspend him more than one game.”

Colin Campbell is a joke and needs to be fired. Because what’s going to happen when Cooke clocks someone else and paralyzes them or worse? Will Campbell pull his head out of his ass then?

Wayne Whittaker from the band Verb The Adjective Noun, put up a $100 bounty on Cooke. I said I’ll toss in a 100 and I know Mr. Wendt said he would to. I’m serious – first Bruins player that knocks Cooke out gets the cash! Anyone else want in?

Bruins Practice January 6, 2010 – No one REALLY likes Wideman!

Iron Men On Ice!

Bruins practice was suppose to start at 11:30, but somewhere between last night’s win and this morning, practice became optional. I didn’t know this, and arrived at Ristuccia at 10:30, and saw Patrice Bergeron arrive, with laptop. (Maybe he had some e-mails to catch up on?) Bitz and Julian arrived shortly after. When my friend Colleen arrived, we headed into the Ice Box.

As we waited (And waited) for the Bruins to take the ice; Wheeler, Morris, Boychuk and Savard all came in together through a side door. I yelled out “HI Blake Wheeler!” and got nothing in return. Whatever, Wheels!  Denis Wideman arrived, alone, and quickly went into the locker room.

The waiting continued and Colleen and I debated whether or not the Bruins were going to hit the ice, or if they were doing off ice training. Finally we decided to brave the weather and stand outside to see the players arrive (leave?). Outside were about 7 – 10 autograph hounds, with their stuff to sell on E-Bay. These people amaze me! For the most part, none of them know one player from the next and constantly ask “Who’s that?” then scramble to find something for that player to sign.

We saw Thornton and Bitz leave, each with their own Winter Classic jersey. Neither said why they had them. Wheeler came out, no jersey in his hand, and walk right by me. Again, I said “Hi Wheels!” and NOTHING!! Now, I know I’m short, but he’s not deaf! Blake Wheeler, you are dead to me!

Wideman came out then and no one….NO ONE stopped him for an autograph. I actually felt bad. So bad, that when Wideman said hi to me, I said hi back. But I didn’t like doing it.

Now I could hear noise coming from inside the rink and went in to see who was there. Milan Lucic, Mark Stuart (yay!)  Adam McQuaid and Patrice Bergeron were on the ice, with Tuukka Rask in net. Bergeron was working with John Whitesides, on one side of the rink; while the others trained with Doug Houda. Bergy did mostly skating and shooting drills, while the others did a timed shooting drill that turned into a skating drill. After Looch and Stuey failed to score on Rask; each had to skate back and forth, on the short part of the rink, four times. However, when Looch did score on Rask, Tuukka had to do the same, resulting in an over excited Tuukka slamming into the boards and sliding into the net. Needless to say, everyone had a good laugh. I thought Stuart looked great out there and was keeping up easily with Lucic. It will be a race between him and Bergeron on who will return, to the line-up, first.

Chara made an appearance, inside the rink. He spoke with a few people and said hello to the four fans, myself included, sitting in the stands. (See Wheeler! Chara said HI to me!).

By now it was 2pm, and everyone was finishing up. I had to leave to pick up my little guy from school, plus my feet were so cold, they were starting to hurt.

– @ComicGirl8

You can find Kathi’s pictures from today’s practice here….

Team Canada Becomes A 5 Year Reunion – Olympic Bound Bruins

"You guys want to do this again on 2010?"

 As mentioned on my Twitter, considering the dramatic way Steve Yzerman announced Team Canada this afternoon, Brian Burke should contact Simon Fueller and everyone  at American Idol and have Ryan Seacrest do the announcement of Team USA

  “Phil Kessel……You are…….NOT on Team USA.” 

Let’s be honest, the best part (for Bruins fans at least!) was the announcement that Patrice Bergeron would be joining the team in Vancouver. Not bad for a kid who didn’t get an invite to camp this summer.  With the addition of Bergy, the Olympic viewers get to check out a mini reunion of sorts of the 2005 Canadian World Juniors Championship Hockey Team  that featured Sidney Crosby(A) – Pittsburgh Penguins, Corey Perry & Ryan Getzlaf – Anaheim (Formerly Mighty) Ducks, Brent Seabrook – Chicago Blackhawks, Shea Webber – Nashville Predators and  Mike Richards – Philadelphia Flyers . For the complete roster of Team Canada, go here

And Patrice isn’t the only Bruin heading to Vancouver in February, Zdeno Chara will be going and representing Team Slovakia, Marco Sturm will be representing Germany and David Krejci will be on the ice in Vancouver for the Czechs

Team USA will be announced on New Year’s Day in conjunction with the Winter Classic. Here’s to hoping Tim Thomas makes the team!

Well, that was a trifecta of suck….

5Yeah, so – I didn't see that happening. But then again, I should be use to disappointment. I am from Boston. Anyways, I've gone through the death stages already and I'm pretty much over it. I've done my best Rupert Pupkin and wished Cancer upon Scott Walker, I got teary eyed and had a boo-hoo, I've denied the goal was even scored and tried to convince myself that due to terrorist activities in the United State – Gary Bettman canceled the playoffs and we'll take it up next year.

But it did. So now what? Will I watch the rest of The Stanley Cup Playoffs? Probably. But I swear, if it's another Pittsburgh/Detroit series – I'm going to throw my tv out the window. I'm tired and over the same teams getting in the finals. No one wants to see that! My only hope is that The Chicago Blackhawks make it and win it all.

There's still the Red Sox. *snore* Baseball is getting painful for me to watch and the games are just a snoozefest. I'll save you from the David Ortiz rant. Listen, it was bound to happen one day. Whether we want to admit it or not, he is human.

Celtics? *eye roll* I'm over them. I was a big C's fans when I was a kid, but I have no emotional attachment to the team anymore. Well other than for Big Baby Davis. But somethings are left unsaid.  So godspeed to them.

So what am I going to do? How am I going to distract myself? I'm going to watch  The Memorial Cup ! The Cup starts tonight in Canada and thank GOD, the NHL Network is airing it. So if you live in one of the 16 houses that gets the NHL Network, cheers to you! You're in luck!  Go Windsor Spitfires! Plus The Providence Bruins are taking on the Hershey Bearsin the Eastern Conference Finals. So you can go heckle Simeon Varlamov, I know I will and maybe if we're lucky, Vladimir Sobotka will stab someone with their skate.

Game Seven

B15__1242178820_2811 This is it, people. Game seven! Someone is going to be setting up tee times tomorrow and while the other will be prepping to play the Penguins. The momentum has shifted and the B's have won the last two games. So this will be easy, right? Who knows.

But after the performance we got during Game 6, I'm thinking the people in Boston are going to be very happy tonight. I cannot wait for the game – it's going to be amazing! I could say more, but it's already  been  said. We all know what they need to do.


Mike Wendt made this great video – add him on Twitter!

If the Bruins needed another reason to win – do it for Mikey!


By the way, congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins who demolished the Washington Capitals last night! I recommendy you watch the video Puck Daddy, Greg Wyshynski, did. Mike Green was just not having it when it came to the handshake. I guess that's what happens when you get pulled in the third period for playing like crap. At least he has his sack to come home to.