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This is the end….

Capt.48b775f5661947778f5d4dbfd6495105.aptopix_stanley_cup_parade_hockey_paks108 So that's it. The end is here. The Pittsburgh Penguins are now the Stanley Cup champs, the Detroit Red Wings are this year's bitter bridesmaids and Ovechkin is on probably on his way collecting some new hardware in Vegas for the NHL Awards. Woo! *fartnoise*

Was I happy with the turn out of the season? Yes & No. I mean, it's been a tough one for me. I had a chance to cover the Bruins, but because I wanted to be the first hockey blogger to talk about Roman War Helmets in a public forum, that opportunity was short lived. Am I still bitter? I won't lie, I am and it's a tad annoying that I still get emails about it on a daily basis. I guess there are worse things to be known for, right? I still wonder if I should have submitted the piece to Deadspin. But there's not much I can do now. Hey, at least I got you bitches. So that's something to be proud of. But I'm hoping one day, I'll be known for being more than just, according to WEEI's Joe Haggerty, as a habitual line stepper. 

But personal issues aside, back to the topic at hand – this year's hockey season. I wasn't happy with how everything ended for the Bruins and I know I'm going to come off as a homer and I should be "over it" - but Scott Walker got off light. He shouldn't have been playing and look what happened? Boom! OT goal, Bruins lose -  out of the playoffs. It wasn't supposed to be like that – they were supposed to go on and win The Cup. Well, that's what I had my money on. Not that I'm condoning illegal betting or anything like that. I already had the parade route mapped out in my head and a laundry list of excuses of why I was going to miss work that day. But instead of a summer learning what the members of the B's did with The Cup, we'll be focusing on whom staying, who's coming, who's going and how David Krejci's graham cracker hip is healing. Better luck next year, boys. But thanks for the ride. It was amazing while it lasted.

As for the Stanley Cup champs, I've has a weird relationship with them this season. The first game I was suppose to cover was a Pens game, but because I was 'accidently forgotten' & omitted from the press list, I didn't get to. At the time, I didn't lose too much sleep over it – I assumed I was going to get a chance to interview Geno, Superstar Talbot, Sid the Kid and the rest of the Pens later on in the season. But instead, I got fired and well, that never happened. Although, I would like to thank Puck Daddy for trying to make me feel better, by telling me I wasn't missing much by not talking to Sidney Crosby. I know I don't have the skills, like Cabbie Richards and I'm sure Crosby would have probably been as entertaining as a wet mop, but I still wanted to get the chance to speak to him. Haha Oh well.

But at the end of the day, I was glad they won. They desereved it and I'd rather see them win,than the Red Wings. By the way, it's nice to see their fans are taking this loss in stride and being classy about it. *rolls eyes*

So now what? The draft is coming up, but we already know where John Tarvares is more than likely going. The NHL releases next season's schedule at the end of July, so there's something to look forward to. I'm sure Phoenix Coyotes drama is far from over and it'll be interesting to see who does what in the off season. So now, all we can do is sit and wait for the next hockey season(or the next season of Project Runway whichever comes first.). As for me, I'll be here and look forward to a review of Alyssa Milano's baseball epic. Because I know you all are dying to know more about it and whether or not I kill myself before the 6th chapter. I figure, it can't be any worse than the bullshit you all read here. 🙂


I Will Destroy You.

300h Since everyone under the sun is giving their opinion on the Malkin issue – I've decided to hop on the bandwagon. For the first time, I actually agree with Colin Campbell's decision. If Evgeni Malkin did get suspended, it would have been a bullshit move considering Terminal Douche, Scott Walker, didn't get suspended for his sucker punch on Aaron Ward and look what happened? Walker turned into the hero of the Hurricanes for that series. Boo.

If anyone should be getting in trouble it should be Max(ine) Talbot for going after Osgood. If Talbot didn't, Henrik Zetterberg wouldn't have gone after Max and Geno wouldn't have gone after Zetterberg. When you break it all down, Geno is really the victim. Ok, so that's a stretch – but still, he was just defending a teammate, who he thought was being attacked. Which is exactly what Zetterberg was doing.

Geno will play on Tuesday, hopefully the Penguins will win and Cameron will be happy gal. It's not rocket science and I know it makes no sense. But why would the NHL start making sense now?

So that makes it’s ok to sucker punch someone?

Last week, after the Bruins left the ice and the Carolina Hurricanes blew(get it!*fart noise*) out of town – Joe Haggerty published on his Big Bad Blog that Scott Walker' found out his wife was diagnosed with cancer while the 'Canes were playing the Bruins. 

Hey Bruins fans – you know that guy you've been cursing? His wife has cancer! Congrats! You heartless, bastards! I'm sorry, but just because he was supposedly under stress doesn't excuse what he did. By the way, if he used that as an excuse when talking to Colin Campbell last week, that's BS. Am I coming off like a bitter douche, probably – but you check your personal shit at the door and it shouldn't affect the way you are at work.

Do I feel bad for the guy? Of course I do! I've lost people very close to me to cancer and it's something I wouldn't wish on my own worst enemy. But I'm not going excuse what he did, just because his wife is sick. Call me an asshole all you want, but cancer or not, Walker got off easy and should have been suspended end of story.  

Well, that was a trifecta of suck….

5Yeah, so – I didn't see that happening. But then again, I should be use to disappointment. I am from Boston. Anyways, I've gone through the death stages already and I'm pretty much over it. I've done my best Rupert Pupkin and wished Cancer upon Scott Walker, I got teary eyed and had a boo-hoo, I've denied the goal was even scored and tried to convince myself that due to terrorist activities in the United State – Gary Bettman canceled the playoffs and we'll take it up next year.

But it did. So now what? Will I watch the rest of The Stanley Cup Playoffs? Probably. But I swear, if it's another Pittsburgh/Detroit series – I'm going to throw my tv out the window. I'm tired and over the same teams getting in the finals. No one wants to see that! My only hope is that The Chicago Blackhawks make it and win it all.

There's still the Red Sox. *snore* Baseball is getting painful for me to watch and the games are just a snoozefest. I'll save you from the David Ortiz rant. Listen, it was bound to happen one day. Whether we want to admit it or not, he is human.

Celtics? *eye roll* I'm over them. I was a big C's fans when I was a kid, but I have no emotional attachment to the team anymore. Well other than for Big Baby Davis. But somethings are left unsaid.  So godspeed to them.

So what am I going to do? How am I going to distract myself? I'm going to watch  The Memorial Cup ! The Cup starts tonight in Canada and thank GOD, the NHL Network is airing it. So if you live in one of the 16 houses that gets the NHL Network, cheers to you! You're in luck!  Go Windsor Spitfires! Plus The Providence Bruins are taking on the Hershey Bearsin the Eastern Conference Finals. So you can go heckle Simeon Varlamov, I know I will and maybe if we're lucky, Vladimir Sobotka will stab someone with their skate.

So what are we going to do about this guy?

Xbk2mq In classic NHL form, they've decided not to suspend Carolina Hurricane forward and super douche bag, Scott Walker, for sucker punching Aaron Ward in the third period and possibly breaking his orbital bone. Instead, Walker will have to pay a $2,500 fineand give up his tv viewing privileges for a week.

The NHL ruled that the punch was not a sucker punch(Really? did you even watch the video?) and seem to be find with the fact that someone could have been seriously hurt.  This is why I can't take Colin Campbell or any of the higher ups at the NHL seriously. They make rules and then they break them. Why did Donald Brashear have to serve a six game suspension and Walker is sent on his way with a balloon and gift cards to Arby's? But then again, these are the same fools who think calling a confirmed puck bunny  sloppy seconds, is worse than biting someone.

So what's going to happen to Walker tomorrow night? I personally would like someone to break his clavicle, but that's just me. Suggestions?

We Want It!

"Don't let us win tonight. This is a big game. They've got to win because if we win we've got Pedro coming back today and then Schilling will pitch Game 6 and then you can take that fraud stuff and put it to bed. Don't let the Sox win this game." – Kevin Millar, October 17, 2004

Play like you want it I remember hearing that and thinking he was crazy. But then again, who didn't think Millar was crazy? Red Sox fans knew Manny's former spokesperson was a bit of an attention whore, but no one knew he was also a psychic. If you told me what happened in '04 was going to, I was going to say you're crazy and need to lay off the pipe. But the Sox did win and went onto win the World Series. They did it again in '07 and that's when I started to be less pessimistic.

When the Bruins started their comeback last year against the Habs, I wondered if there was going to be another epic comeback – but this time on ice. Well, it didn't. But this year, it's different. The team that hits the ice now on Causeway Street is big, bad and would make Bruins fans of the past proud.

The black & gold were down 3-1 going into last night's game and the team who's been telling their fans on a nightly basis that they wanted it, weren't playing like they did. But last night was different. It was Carolina's game to lose and it was also the anniversary of when Bobby Orr flew through the air with the greatest of ease and lead the B's to winning the Stanley Cup. So no one wanted to see this day in Bruins history tainted.

There were signs everywhere giving encouragement and then there was one that spoke the truth: PLAY LIKE YOU WANT IT! We'll never know what was said before the game or on the plane, but whatever it was, it seemed to work and the boring series became a little more interesting. Everyone is saying the Milan Lucic's hit on DennisSeidenberg changed the momentum of the game and I would have to agree. Last night showed cracks in Cam Ward's armor and we saw what happens when the tables were turned. Tim Conboy desperately tried to turn the game around by attempting to fight with Shawn Thornton & Mark Stuart and failing miserably. Then there's Scott Walker. Who let's be honest, is a douche and has face that deserves to be beaten, took out Aaron Ward. Coach Claude Julien is reporting that Ward might have a broken orbital bone and Carolina Hurricane's coach, Paul Maurice didn't seem the slightest concerned for his team's bush league play.  Jussi Jokinen started it off, when he slashed B's captain, Zdeno Chara, with less than a minute left and sending Chara hobbling back to the locker room. But Chara did his best Paul Pierce impersonation and came back in the third. 

According to an AP story, Maurice reportedly laughed off the idea of repercussions in upcoming games and seemed to be more concerned with Walker's sore knuckles and with the idea thaving to sell his truck for any fines. Classy, Maurice. 

 I'm assuming Ward is going to be out. I know you should never assume, but if he is – can we please give Johnny Boychuk a chance? The kid is a beast! The B's are off until Tuesday and the next game is on enemy territory. They're down, but they're not out. Take it one game at a time and show the fans that they do in fact want it. Go Bruins!