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The Winter Classic….According to Cameron Frye

This what the money we dropped on Lansdowne Street bought us...

Other than me raspy, tranny like voice – I’m fully recovered from The Winter Classic. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully explain how amazing of an experience it was. It’s one thing to watch it on tv, but to be there is another thing. 

@Lucichick & I completely lucked out. Yeah, we paid a lot for our tickets(don’t ask) – but our seats were amazing! We pretty much had the perfect view of the rink! I don’t think I would have done it differently. If you saw me after the game or as the people I met up with afterwards can attest to, I was floating! I think that’s the only way to describe how happy I was. I just wish you could have experiences it in person. If you’d like to see the rest of my pictures – go here or go behind the cut to read about my take on the Winter Classic. 

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2010 Winter Classic: A Fan’s Review

Winter Classic Image from CharlieOnTheRadio on Flickr

@ComicGirl8 is back and she wants to share with you her thoughts on the Winter Classic that just occurred. I’ll be posting later on about the game….I’ve finally recover somewhat. haha If you want, comment on what you thought of the Winter Classic and who do you think should be showcased next time around! – Cameron Frye

I, sadly, did not attend the Winter Classic. In the words of my favorite hockey player, “It wasn’t meant to be”. However, since the same game that was played at Fenway; was also on my tv, here’s my two cents. Continue reading