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So last night while watching the Bruins beat the Penguins, myself and my fellow tweeter, Mike Wendt, were discussing the awful coverage on Versus. I mean, when one of your commentators can’t get a grasp on his thoughts and says it’s Tim Thomas’s  first night in-goal ever – we’ve got a problem.

While going back and forth, we did agree there was key piece missing last night and that piece was Jack Edwards. Let’s face it, the man has a way with words. We’ve all uttered those catch phrased and love hearing what he comes up with next. The man is the epitome of a professional. But evidently, Versus didn’t get the memo.

But we figured, if we can’t have Jack on Versus – why not on Twitter? Who better to get the Bruins twitter fan base ready for a game or give us the inside scoop better than Jack Edwards. So with that,  #GetJackEdwardsOnTwitter started!

The #GetJackEdwardsOnTwitter movement is growing! The fans quickly retweeted and agreed with us. Now Chris from HubHockey has joined the movement – look for #GetJackEdwardsOnTwitter posters at the next game and even Puck Daddy wants to see Jack on Twitter.

So if you’re on Twitter & you want Jack like the rest of us do, retweeet  #GetJackEdwardsOnTwitter and tell @NESNcom to #GetJackEdwardsOnTwitter !!!


Why Ladies Love Hockey Part 2

womens hockeyLast week we heard from a couple of Habs fans, Sarah Spain & Bruins die-hard loved Hockey. This week, we hear from Curl from WrapAroundCurl & creator of Mustache Monday, Caite who’s a Bruins super fan & author of Loochness MonsterSarah who’s from Oakland who loves the Sharks and who likes to reminds me daily how she hates Corey Perry (stop lying) and Ashley, a die hard Toronto fan who bleeds blue and white. I know this because she told me and threaten my life if I didn’t write that.

You can find part one here, look for part three after Labor Day weekend! Enjoy! Continue reading

Ladies Love Ice Hockey

womens hockeyWhile most people consider hockey to be a manly man’s sport – let’s face it, it’s big amongst the ladies. More and more women are going to the games and getting involved. Northeastern’s & UNH’s women’s hockey teams will be participating in the College Winter Classic at Fenway Park this January. Young girls are joining teams and giving the boys a run for their money on the ice and even Sarah Palin hopped on the hockey bandwagon and pandered to the hockey mom’s out there during John McCain’s ill fated 2008 Presidential campaign. 

So why do women like hockey? I decided to ask some female hockey bloggers and female fans why they love the sport and their answers might surprise you or at least make you laugh. Today we will be featuring Jaci from WickedBruinsFan.com, Sarah Spain from Mouth Piece Sports and EP & Amanda, two Montreal Canadien  Super Fans. Next week we will have answers from a Ashley, a rabid Canadian hockey fan, Sarah, who represents the West Coat, Caite from Loochness Montster, Curl from Wrap Around Curl and moi. If you want to submit your list, shoot me a note! Thanks to Puck Daddy for inspiration!

Continue reading

This is the end….

Capt.48b775f5661947778f5d4dbfd6495105.aptopix_stanley_cup_parade_hockey_paks108 So that's it. The end is here. The Pittsburgh Penguins are now the Stanley Cup champs, the Detroit Red Wings are this year's bitter bridesmaids and Ovechkin is on probably on his way collecting some new hardware in Vegas for the NHL Awards. Woo! *fartnoise*

Was I happy with the turn out of the season? Yes & No. I mean, it's been a tough one for me. I had a chance to cover the Bruins, but because I wanted to be the first hockey blogger to talk about Roman War Helmets in a public forum, that opportunity was short lived. Am I still bitter? I won't lie, I am and it's a tad annoying that I still get emails about it on a daily basis. I guess there are worse things to be known for, right? I still wonder if I should have submitted the piece to Deadspin. But there's not much I can do now. Hey, at least I got you bitches. So that's something to be proud of. But I'm hoping one day, I'll be known for being more than just, according to WEEI's Joe Haggerty, as a habitual line stepper. 

But personal issues aside, back to the topic at hand – this year's hockey season. I wasn't happy with how everything ended for the Bruins and I know I'm going to come off as a homer and I should be "over it" - but Scott Walker got off light. He shouldn't have been playing and look what happened? Boom! OT goal, Bruins lose -  out of the playoffs. It wasn't supposed to be like that – they were supposed to go on and win The Cup. Well, that's what I had my money on. Not that I'm condoning illegal betting or anything like that. I already had the parade route mapped out in my head and a laundry list of excuses of why I was going to miss work that day. But instead of a summer learning what the members of the B's did with The Cup, we'll be focusing on whom staying, who's coming, who's going and how David Krejci's graham cracker hip is healing. Better luck next year, boys. But thanks for the ride. It was amazing while it lasted.

As for the Stanley Cup champs, I've has a weird relationship with them this season. The first game I was suppose to cover was a Pens game, but because I was 'accidently forgotten' & omitted from the press list, I didn't get to. At the time, I didn't lose too much sleep over it – I assumed I was going to get a chance to interview Geno, Superstar Talbot, Sid the Kid and the rest of the Pens later on in the season. But instead, I got fired and well, that never happened. Although, I would like to thank Puck Daddy for trying to make me feel better, by telling me I wasn't missing much by not talking to Sidney Crosby. I know I don't have the skills, like Cabbie Richards and I'm sure Crosby would have probably been as entertaining as a wet mop, but I still wanted to get the chance to speak to him. Haha Oh well.

But at the end of the day, I was glad they won. They desereved it and I'd rather see them win,than the Red Wings. By the way, it's nice to see their fans are taking this loss in stride and being classy about it. *rolls eyes*

So now what? The draft is coming up, but we already know where John Tarvares is more than likely going. The NHL releases next season's schedule at the end of July, so there's something to look forward to. I'm sure Phoenix Coyotes drama is far from over and it'll be interesting to see who does what in the off season. So now, all we can do is sit and wait for the next hockey season(or the next season of Project Runway whichever comes first.). As for me, I'll be here and look forward to a review of Alyssa Milano's baseball epic. Because I know you all are dying to know more about it and whether or not I kill myself before the 6th chapter. I figure, it can't be any worse than the bullshit you all read here. 🙂

Game Seven

B15__1242178820_2811 This is it, people. Game seven! Someone is going to be setting up tee times tomorrow and while the other will be prepping to play the Penguins. The momentum has shifted and the B's have won the last two games. So this will be easy, right? Who knows.

But after the performance we got during Game 6, I'm thinking the people in Boston are going to be very happy tonight. I cannot wait for the game – it's going to be amazing! I could say more, but it's already  been  said. We all know what they need to do.


Mike Wendt made this great video – add him on Twitter!

If the Bruins needed another reason to win – do it for Mikey!


By the way, congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins who demolished the Washington Capitals last night! I recommendy you watch the video Puck Daddy, Greg Wyshynski, did. Mike Green was just not having it when it came to the handshake. I guess that's what happens when you get pulled in the third period for playing like crap. At least he has his sack to come home to.

Let The Games Begin!

261819-85596 Tonight's match up couldn't have come at a better time.  The vast majority of Sox fans are ready to jump off the edge, Doc Rivers just announced that KG is pretty much out of the playoffs– but who cares? There's hockey to be played!

For the 32nd time, the Bruins take on the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Last year the Bruins barely made it into the playoffs and were stuck playing the Habs, who were one of the best teams on ice. We all remembers game 6, we remember the intensity and how the B's out scored the Habs. But we also remember the end of game 7. While Bruins fans sunk in their chairs and dreamed about  next year – Habs fans attempted to burn the city down in celebration.

But things have changed, the roles are reversed and the B's are looking like they could win this one. The Bruins have a great mixture of youth with experience and experienced veterans, while the Habs are filled with purse snatchers, divers and wannabe Russian gangsters. Michael Ryder, who spend last year's playoffs riding the pine for the Habs, will be on the ice as one of the Bruins's top players. There's no need for Coach Claude Julien to scratch Phil Kessel to prove a point – Kessel is a year older, more mature, more experienced and the B's top goal scorer. What a difference a year makes.

Although, if there is one thing the Bruins are going to do, it's watch their emotions. Yeah, we want the B's to play to win and give their all. We want to see Looch show everyone who's boss and Thornton send some well wished to O'Byrnein the penalty box, but who wants to see them blow their proverbial load in the first round like Montreal did last year? You want them to go far and bring back some missing hardware to Boston. Who doesn't love the idea of skipping work to watch the guys roll down

Comm Ave in duck boats, while being accompanied by Lord Stanley's favorite beer stein?  So the B's are going to have to ignore some of the Habs desperate attempts to get under their skin. Case in point,  Georges Laraque will be suiting up for tonight's game. Old Georges, who is old and has been pretty much useless this season for Montreal, will be doing everything in his power to get under the skin of whoever will fall for his b.s. in a black & gold uniform. As Cornelius Hardenbergh said on twitter, 'Beat em on the scoreboard, let em get some penalties.'

Everyone has their own opinion about tonight's match up and the series in general. Greg Wyshynski, better known to you and me as Puck Daddy, gives it to the B's and gave us this gem when wondering about Montreal's goalie situation:

"It's assumed Price will get the majority of the work, but we'll see Jaroslav Halak at some point. Both have been about as solid as a game of Jenga being played by drunks wearing boxing gloves."

Bruins beat writer, Matt Kalman of  The Bruins Blog compares the excitement to Steve Martin's enthusiasm over the new phone books. Remember when Martin was funny? Stanley Cup of Chowderbreaks it all down for you, Chris from HubHockey.com shared his predictions and revealed new shirts that are available to buy in honor of the playoffs.WickedBruinsFans gives her opinion on tonight's match up. Jesse Connelly talks about the potential lines and changes for tonight's game. If you're interested on what the other side is thinking, check out 25stanley.com . They're ready to tell us and everyone why the B's and their fans suck. It's actually really funny and I love the site, when I can understand it. And finally, Joe Haggerty was able to get some great blackboard material from Georges.

So that's it. Now all we can do is wait and see. Me? I'll be watching the game and twittering my thoughts and have a full re-cap in the morning. Oh yeah, Bruins in 6.

Bruins vs. Devils….

I’m going to be honest; I don’t have high hopes for today’s
game. The last time the B’s had this much time off in-between games was in
Florida and that was an epic fail. Plus, take in consideration the momentum the
Jersey Devils currently running on – you can’t help but wonder if the black and
gold can pull this off.  But whenever I
do question the Bruins and their ability as a team, they surprise me and pull
off win like it was easier than a Pine Manor girl at a MIT frat party.

The Devils have 97 points and a win tonight, could put them
one point behind the Bruins. Depressing, isn’t it? But anything is possible.
The Bruins could hit the ice today and give Brodeur his worst loss of his career
– although, I’m being realistic and I’d be happy with an OT win.  Just win? Please? If not for me, do it for the
press up stairs who are desperate to write something positive. Instead of covering your love of Chipotle?

Listen, if the B's win today – I'll buy them their stupid burritos!

P.S. If you get a chance – check out Puck Daddy's mini documentary he did on the public's love/hate relationship with Sidney Crosby.