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“Just found the GREATEST PICTURE of Andrew Ference EVER.”

Thanks to Nothing2Doubt on Twitter for this gem….


Bruins Practice January 6, 2010 – No one REALLY likes Wideman!

Iron Men On Ice!

Bruins practice was suppose to start at 11:30, but somewhere between last night’s win and this morning, practice became optional. I didn’t know this, and arrived at Ristuccia at 10:30, and saw Patrice Bergeron arrive, with laptop. (Maybe he had some e-mails to catch up on?) Bitz and Julian arrived shortly after. When my friend Colleen arrived, we headed into the Ice Box.

As we waited (And waited) for the Bruins to take the ice; Wheeler, Morris, Boychuk and Savard all came in together through a side door. I yelled out “HI Blake Wheeler!” and got nothing in return. Whatever, Wheels!  Denis Wideman arrived, alone, and quickly went into the locker room.

The waiting continued and Colleen and I debated whether or not the Bruins were going to hit the ice, or if they were doing off ice training. Finally we decided to brave the weather and stand outside to see the players arrive (leave?). Outside were about 7 – 10 autograph hounds, with their stuff to sell on E-Bay. These people amaze me! For the most part, none of them know one player from the next and constantly ask “Who’s that?” then scramble to find something for that player to sign.

We saw Thornton and Bitz leave, each with their own Winter Classic jersey. Neither said why they had them. Wheeler came out, no jersey in his hand, and walk right by me. Again, I said “Hi Wheels!” and NOTHING!! Now, I know I’m short, but he’s not deaf! Blake Wheeler, you are dead to me!

Wideman came out then and no one….NO ONE stopped him for an autograph. I actually felt bad. So bad, that when Wideman said hi to me, I said hi back. But I didn’t like doing it.

Now I could hear noise coming from inside the rink and went in to see who was there. Milan Lucic, Mark Stuart (yay!)  Adam McQuaid and Patrice Bergeron were on the ice, with Tuukka Rask in net. Bergeron was working with John Whitesides, on one side of the rink; while the others trained with Doug Houda. Bergy did mostly skating and shooting drills, while the others did a timed shooting drill that turned into a skating drill. After Looch and Stuey failed to score on Rask; each had to skate back and forth, on the short part of the rink, four times. However, when Looch did score on Rask, Tuukka had to do the same, resulting in an over excited Tuukka slamming into the boards and sliding into the net. Needless to say, everyone had a good laugh. I thought Stuart looked great out there and was keeping up easily with Lucic. It will be a race between him and Bergeron on who will return, to the line-up, first.

Chara made an appearance, inside the rink. He spoke with a few people and said hello to the four fans, myself included, sitting in the stands. (See Wheeler! Chara said HI to me!).

By now it was 2pm, and everyone was finishing up. I had to leave to pick up my little guy from school, plus my feet were so cold, they were starting to hurt.

– @ComicGirl8

You can find Kathi’s pictures from today’s practice here….

The Winter Classic….According to Cameron Frye

This what the money we dropped on Lansdowne Street bought us...

Other than me raspy, tranny like voice – I’m fully recovered from The Winter Classic. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully explain how amazing of an experience it was. It’s one thing to watch it on tv, but to be there is another thing. 

@Lucichick & I completely lucked out. Yeah, we paid a lot for our tickets(don’t ask) – but our seats were amazing! We pretty much had the perfect view of the rink! I don’t think I would have done it differently. If you saw me after the game or as the people I met up with afterwards can attest to, I was floating! I think that’s the only way to describe how happy I was. I just wish you could have experiences it in person. If you’d like to see the rest of my pictures – go here or go behind the cut to read about my take on the Winter Classic. 

Continue reading

2010 Winter Classic: A Fan’s Review

Winter Classic Image from CharlieOnTheRadio on Flickr

@ComicGirl8 is back and she wants to share with you her thoughts on the Winter Classic that just occurred. I’ll be posting later on about the game….I’ve finally recover somewhat. haha If you want, comment on what you thought of the Winter Classic and who do you think should be showcased next time around! – Cameron Frye

I, sadly, did not attend the Winter Classic. In the words of my favorite hockey player, “It wasn’t meant to be”. However, since the same game that was played at Fenway; was also on my tv, here’s my two cents. Continue reading

Gossip Girl: The Winter Classic Edition

Good evening everyone! Gossip Girl here with your Winter Classic Blind Item!

Which rookie Flyer needs a little help with the ladies? The hopeless Wildcat needs his former World Junior’s Teammate/Terrier to find him a date in Boston tonight?

I wonder what his girlfriend has to say.

You know you love me!


Gossip Girl

Looch-Watch ’09!

Milan Lucic in his natural habitat.

 The Bruins may have lost last night, but Looch-Watch continues. Got word from a few of the ladies on Twitter that Milan was in Wilmington, ComicGirl8 submitted this report! 

I didn’t know the Bruins practice was cancelled in Wilmington today, until I got there. My friend Colleen and I were informed by some skinny woman, whose husband “saw it on Twitter. I’m not lying!” This was the same woman who earlier, grilled me on the ins and outs of Ristuccia. I should be paid by the Bruins, to give out all this info to the newbies. However I saw Milan Lucic arrive to the rink, so I knew someone was going to use the ice. 

Needless to say, Wilmo was pretty busy, with about 50 people showing up; mostly kids who were on school vacation. Most of whom left before the practice ended. 

Milan Lucic practiced alone, with Coach Doug Houda. Houda put Looch through the typical skating and stick handling drills, and from my completely uneducated opinion, Lucic looked great. He seemed to have a lot of movement on his left leg and his stick handling has improved greatly. 

About half way through the practice, Mark Stuart made an appearance, at the far end of the rink. He was dressed this time, so I can’t comment on his balls. He spoke with Looch for a few minutes, and then disappeared. 

However, after practice had ended, and I stood out in the unbelievable cold for 25 minutes, I learned the sad truth. 

Milan Lucic: (after I waved to him) How are you? 

Comicgirl8: Cold! How are you feeling? 

ML: Pretty good. 

 C8: Are you going to be ready to play on Friday? 

ML: No, it’s still not 100% healed yet. I’ll probably be out another 7 to 10 days. 

I wished Milan a Happy New Year, and he smiled and said “Same to you.” And then drove off. By now, I was so frozen, all I could do was, sadly, leave as well. 

So no Looch on Friday. I’m not that surprised. I mean, we all kind of knew he wouldn’t be playing.  I just think we wanted to admit it. *Le Sigh*

 – ComicGirl8 (Thanks for the report!)

Want to go to the Winter Classic & support a great cause?

"Well, look at this handsome fella....wait a second! That's me!"

 So if you haven’t heard, there’s a little game going on at Fenway Friday(possibly Saturday) between the Bruins and the Flyers. It’s kind of a big deal and the hottest ticket in town since the last Ernie & The Automatics gig. 

So if you’re looking for a way in, Milan Lucic is here to help! Milan has teamed up with Celebrities for Charity and wants to help you get into the sporting event of the season. Just head on over to NetRaffle.org and purchase a raffle ticket for $2.00(minimum purchase is 5) and you’ll be entered to win 4 tickets to the Winter Classic at Fenway Park and an autographed Milan Lucic Winter Classic Jersey. 

Proceeds of the raffle will be going to the Joey Fund. The Joey Fund, which works in partnership with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and was started in November of 86 in memory of Joey O’Donnell and has raised over $35 million dollars. For more info on The Joey Fund, click here

If you are interested in buying a couple tickets, better act fast – the raffle closes on tomorrow, December 30th @ 1pm! Good luck!! 

Click here to buy tickets!