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Ladies Love Ice Hockey

womens hockeyWhile most people consider hockey to be a manly man’s sport – let’s face it, it’s big amongst the ladies. More and more women are going to the games and getting involved. Northeastern’s & UNH’s women’s hockey teams will be participating in the College Winter Classic at Fenway Park this January. Young girls are joining teams and giving the boys a run for their money on the ice and even Sarah Palin hopped on the hockey bandwagon and pandered to the hockey mom’s out there during John McCain’s ill fated 2008 Presidential campaign. 

So why do women like hockey? I decided to ask some female hockey bloggers and female fans why they love the sport and their answers might surprise you or at least make you laugh. Today we will be featuring Jaci from WickedBruinsFan.com, Sarah Spain from Mouth Piece Sports and EP & Amanda, two Montreal Canadien  Super Fans. Next week we will have answers from a Ashley, a rabid Canadian hockey fan, Sarah, who represents the West Coat, Caite from Loochness Montster, Curl from Wrap Around Curl and moi. If you want to submit your list, shoot me a note! Thanks to Puck Daddy for inspiration!

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