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Bruins vs. Rangers Pictures

If you don’t follow Sharon Bradley Photography on Facebook – you should! She’s a talented photographer who’s been working with The Bruins Blog and can be seen shooting from her perch behind the glass. Here’s some great shots Sharon decided to share with me from Sunday’s Bruins win against the Rangers! Enjoy!

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Matt Cooke Won’t Fight Shawn Thornton

Well, folks – tonight’s the night. It’s been 11 days since Matt Cooke’s cheap shot on Marc Savard and the Pittsburgh Penguins will take on the Boston Bruins at the TD Garden.  All eyes are on Boston. It’s only fitting that today was Shawn Thornton’s weekly appearance on Toucher & Rich on 98.5 The Sports Hub this morning.

Thornton said he was well aware that the world was watching tonight and was asked what he thought about the whole situation. “If he was suspended a couple games – it would probably be over.”

The radio hosts mentioned that NHL Disciplinarian, Colin Campbell, will be present for tonight’s game and plans on  speaking to both teams prior to the game.

“I hope it’s a 2-way conversation.”

The  players on both teams should be allowed to speak their mind with Campbell and if they don’t feel comfortable speaking to him in a group setting, there should be an opportunity to speak their minds privately. We’ve all seen the effects concussions have on people. Thornton mentioned that one his best friends had to retire from the game because of concussions.

Pretty much every Bruins fan out there wants Cooke’s head and is expecting his blood on the ice at some point in the game. Fred Toucher asked if Cooke would fight, Thornton responded, “Depends on who it is.” Thornton went on to talk about Cooke’s history of turtling when he knew he couldn’t win.

Toucher followed that question up by asking Shawn if Matt Cooke would fight him. “No.”  Classy. Matt Cooke is a puss.

Mike Wendt(DJ/Bruins Blogger) posted this video earlier this morning and for those of you who need to be reminded on how much of a scumbag Matt Cooke is, I recommend you watch it.

Video c/o Hockey Web Cast – amazing work, guys!

If you want to hear the entire Thornton interview, head on over to the Toucher & Rich section of 98.5 The Sports Hub – it should be up later on today. *EDIT* Here’s today’s podcast featuring the interview with Shawn Thornton.

One Night Only! Colin Campbell Comes Boston

I'm a complete ass.

 So according to Eric Wilbur of the Boston Globe, NHL Head Disciplinarian, Colin Campbell, will be in town on Thursday to watch the Bruins take on the Pittsburgh Penguins. I’m sure Campbell intends on giving the lads a stern talking to about being good little hockey players and will later hunker down and will watch a 60 minute train wreck, like everyone is hoping for .  

Campbell has no one to blame but himself if someone gets hurt Thursday night. If he used that thing, that’s three feet from his ass and suspended Cooke when given the opportunity – I’m sure the calls for blood wouldn’t be as bad. Instead, there’s been talks about sitting Malkin, Crosby & Cooke for the game and it’s not fair for Cooke’s teammates to clean up the mess he made. 

I’m sure Campbell is going to pull Penguins coach, Dan Bylsma, aside and recommend he consider sitting the wonder twins for the night.  I mean, since it’s so close to the playoffs and after that rough game in Tampa Bay on Sunday(Hey Pittsburg, it sucks when it’s your guy, huh?) and let’s not forget they play the night before against the Devils – maybe it’s time for them to have a break. But if Bylsma is an honorable guy, he’ll put Cooke out there and Crosby & Malkin(providing neither are hurt) and keeps it business as usual.  

It’s been a week since Matt Cooke’s hit on Marc Savard and Bruins fans have been looking at this date like an expecting mother. When justice wasn’t served, that’s when it was crystal clear that the players were going to have to take the situation into their own hands and hopefully they do. But I’m not about to put money on it.  Would I be shocked if nothing happened and it was business as usual at the Garden? Nope, not at all. But it’s about time  the Bruins live up to their “big & bad” moniker. If I had my say,  Steve Begin would whispers “Prepare to die” in Matt Cooke’s ear in French, smile, kiss him on the cheek and then proceeds to gnaw off his face. But we don’t always get what we want.
Thanks to Puck Daddy for the heads up!


"Do you think my medal will clash with my Stanley Cup ring?"

I was nervous  – but extremely excited. Russia, historically, usually was a tough opponent and I didn’t want Team Canada to blow their load, excuse the term, on them and have nothing to offer later. But, I couldn’t wait to see the two powerhouses battle it out. I mean, this was suppose to be the gold medal game and instead, the top contenders were holding on for dear life. It was Thunderdome!

Did we get Thunderdome? Nope. What did the Olympic viewing audience view? What most of us viewed from the comforts of our own home, was basically the varsity football team beating up on the kids in the slow class.  You know it’s bad to beat up on the retarded kids, but sometimes you got to smack’em around & show’em who’s boss.

It was great to see Canada put the goal in the net over and over again, but a blow out is never a good time. It was depressing almost. I had the honor of catching the game with my father, Hank, and as an older gentleman, he was bummed that Russian wasn’t the beast that they use to be. Gone are the days where the Russians are the athletic superior and stacked with the best of the best. Back when their female athletes looked just as rough and masculine as the men.

Instead Russia’s team seems to be filled with victims of the Chernobyl disaster & coked up, emaciated male models. Don’t hit too them too hard or they’ll break their frail bones. Even Alexander Ovechkin couldn’t score on Canada. Maybe if he spent more time practicing like a his Capitals teammate, Brooks Laich, he’d be the superstar that he supposedly is.

Who knows, maybe Russia decided to take a year off and focus on Sochi in 2014? It’ll be interesting to see who’s in and who’s out when the Olympics come to their neck of the woods.

With last night’s win against Russia, Canada is now one game away from the gold medal round and we all know they want a rematch against Ryan Miller and Team USA. Who wouldn’t want to see that? Well, maybe Russia and the other losing teams in Olympic hockey tournament – but they should have won those all important games if they wanted their vote to count.

Canada takes on Slovakia Friday night, while the US takes on Finland.

But Canada Was Suppose To Win!

Waking up this morning, I couldn’t help but wonder if last night really happened. 30 years ago the US hockey team beat the Russians in Lake Placid, cut to 2010 and the US hockey beat Canada 5-3 in a huge upset.

During talks with the media prior to last night’s game, both teams were doing whatever they could to keep the rivalry alive. Team USA biggest pot stirrer was Vancouver Canuck, Ryan Kesler, who flat-out said he hated Team Canada and wanted to do whatever he could to make sure Team USA won. Bringing the hate paid off last night for  Team USA.

Team Canada got schooled on their own sport and it was embarrassing. There was no reason why USA should have won and after Team Canada barely won in a shoot out against Switzerland on Thursday, the same team that Team USA pulled off their first win against, you would have thought Babcock and the rest of his staff would do whatever they could to find the right line combination to battle and beat Team USA.

Now Team USA is hardly a rag tag group of guys – excuse the term, they’re the best that money can buy. The Bad News Bears, they’re not (although, I would like to nominate Kesler for the Tanner Boyle award for being the biggest shit starter). But unlike Team Canada, Team USA just seemed click together better. Maybe Brian Burke had them do extra trust falls or they had a slumber party during try-outs, where they shared their inner most secrets. I don’t know.Whatever they did, it’s working.

I mean look at  Brian Rafalsky – he’s suddenly the King of the Stars & Bars and  you know Mike Babcock is wondering what the hell is going on and probably recommending he gets tested by Olympic officials. Rafalsky has scored 4 goals so far in Vancouver, which is also the same amount of goals he’s scored in 57 games this season. I guess with the right teammates, anyone can be a superstar.

Team Canada plays against Germany next. If they beat Germany, they’ll take on Russia in the quarterfinals and if you think Sunday night’s game was intense, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

How Child Abuse Made Me A Team Canada Fan

Now, I maybe born and raised in the US of A – but the majority of my mother’s family hails from the great white north. My Nana, Celeste, not to be confused with Mama Celeste and her delicious microwavable treats, was a product of Prince Edward Island. She loved where she was from and would tell me about her life growing up on the farm and her summers she spent on the beach.

Celeste was a classy lady(unlike me who’s a heathen) and enjoyed the finer things in life. She was the type who never let her hair get wet while swimming (besides the time I flipped her & inner tube over in the pool by accident) and was always impeccably dressed. Sporty she was not, but she loved watching them.

For whatever reason, she hated Roger Clemens with a passion(she must have been clairvoyant) – but loved the Sox, she blushed & turned into a school girl when she would talk about the time she met Red Auerbach and she would be sitting right next to me cheering on the Bruins when I was little. She loved sports and she especially loved the Olympics. Now granted, she had left Canada when she was 19 – but she still considered it home and was very proud to say she was from there.

She was so proud – that whenever the Olympics were on,  the two of us became Team Canada loudest cheerleaders. So how did Celeste get me to share her love for America’s hat? By beating it into me. See, Celeste used the fear technique to get me to support her native land. If either my grandfather or I showed the slightest bit of patriotism or support for the US during the Olympics or some international sports competition – 9 times out of 10, someone was going to get smack and let me tell you, homegirl had some power behind that punch.

So after a few shots to the head, I learned my lesson and  was all about the Maple Leaf. I know it’s weird to think that child abuse is the reason behind me throwing my support to Team Canada, but for me it makes sense and honestly? I’d feel guilty switching sides now.  Celeste was awesome and I wouldn’t be the broad that I am today if it wasn’t for her. I wouldn’t have a dent in my forehead either, if it wasn’t for her – but that’s not that point. The point is, is that I’m afraid I’m going to get clocked by a rogue shoe(thanks to her ghost) if ever start rooting for Team USA. Plus,  Phil Kessel is on Team USA and whenever I see him on tv – I have the urge to throw something at him.  BUT I’M NOT BITTER! It’s just another reason for me to root against the US.

So out of support of my Nana, I’m Team Canada this year. Even though their national cheer is LAME.

Olympic Hockey Recap: The Nobody Cares About Jarome Iginla Edition

“You like me! You really like me!”

After days of sitting through filler, all eyes are on men’s hockey in Vancouver and no matter how hard NBC tried to keep their viewing audience from watching the games, the viewing audience lucked out and caught a glimpse of what they can hopefully expect during the medal rounds.

Team USA kicked off the day by taking on the delegation from Switzerland. The Swiss team was anchored by Anaheim (Mighty) Duck goalie, Jonas Hiller. Prior to the Olympic break, Hiller posted a record of 5-2  and was having a little more success than Team USA’s goalie, Ryan Miller. The Buffalo Sabre, had recently hit the skids and was struggling as of late. Miller had only one win the month of February. But much like the playoffs, the Olympics are an entirely different.

The US were the first to strike 18:59 into the first period. Robert Ryan, not to be confused with Bobby Ryan of the Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks, scored the unassisted goal on his NHL teammate. The  Cherry Hill Giant will be holding his head a little bit higher today.

Bobby Ryan told reporters after yesterday’s win, “Once I scored, I was able to settle down and come back into my own a little bit.” US General manager, Brian Burke understood her team would be nervous and they had every right to be. “This is the big stage. This is Broadway.”

St. Louis Blue David Backes, scored 6 mins into the 2nd and that was followed up by Tampa Bay’s Ryan Malone’s power play goal half way through the second period. By the end of the 2nd period, the US was ahead 3-1 and were up 22 shots to Switzerland’s 15 shots.

Now, I don’t want to say the US mailed it in and didn’t give their 100% during the 3rd period, but they only had 2 shots on goal. TWO – count’em 1-2 shots on goal. It’s bad enough the US Women’s hockey team did it against Russia, but you’re there to win and you want to be intimidating. Enough of this sportsmanship crap. Kick some ass and show these other countries they can’t mess with the stars & bars. The US takes on Norway next.

The US’s next opponent lost last night to Canada in a shut out. Hometown hero, Roberto Luongo, blocked all 15 shots on goal. But the real star of the night was Jarome Iginla. The man who according to Sean Avery nobody cared about because he was too boring, captivated the crowd the with his hat trick – one of which came on the power play.

Dany Heatley followed up Iginla’s performance with 2 goals, Philadelphia’s Mike Richards(who Doc referred to as Washington Capital, Mike Green – Ouch! Burn!) and Ryan Getzlaf & Corey Perry of the (Mighty) Ducks each scored one. Canada’s #1 son, Sidney Crosby, had three assists for the night. Unlike, the US – Canada didn’t lay down in the 3rd period and led with 42 shots on goal. Canada takes on Switzerland on Thursday.

Finally the Russian Federation or Russia as I like to call them, beat Latvia 8-2. Washington Capital, Alex Ovechkin and AK Bars Kazan(not to be confused with the cinematic gem, Kazaam) Danis Zaripov each scored 2 goals. Evgeni Malkin of the Pittsburg Penguins and Ilya Kovalchuck of the Atlanta Thrasers New Jersey Devils each scored a goal and recorded an assist.  Russia hits the ice next on Thursday and takes on Slovakia in a game we probably won’t be able to see because NBC are ass hats.

If you’re looking to fill your hockey fix today: Finland takes on Belarus, Sweden plays Germany and the Czech Republic takes on Slovakia.