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B-R-U-I-N-S Not U-S-A!

Ok. So I haven’t wirtten about hockey much this year. But I do have a request for the Bruins fans out there and hopefully you’ll humor me and take this request seriously.

I’m amped the Bruins are going to the Stanley Cup Finals, why wouldn’t I be? It’s a great thing for the team, the fans and for the city of Boston. Plus, why should they let the Red Sox get all the attention? Let those bitches work for it! Now I do have one request for the fans when going to the games in town and I’m sure there’s more than a few who will disagree with this request, but hear me out. The Boston Bruins have 3, yes, THREE(1-2-3) players on the roster from the United States. Can we PLEASE drop the ‘USA’ chant?

Do I get why y’all do it? Yeah. I mean, we ARE in the US and Tim Thomas is from the US and we don’t let the colors run and we killed Bin Laden. Yeah, yeah, I get it. I know you chant it to inspire the players or Thomas. But it’s not about one guy – it’s a team effort!

But there is just something about the chant during a normal hockey game that’s just so cringe worthy. It just screams ‘Douche Bag American’ and what aboot the players from different lands that bust their humps? Where’s there’s chant?(Since you’ll never be able to inspire Kaberle, can we all agree that he is the Eric Gagne of the Bruins?)

Oh and Vancouver has 6 American players. Two of them are Ryan Kesler & Andrew Alberts. Do you REALLY want to inspire them? I mean, Kesler is a beast and Alberts is…..ok….not so much Alberts. But you get what I’m trying to say, right?

Do you really want to inspire these douche nozzles?

With that said, if you’re looking to chant something at the game – here are some ideas for you:

Thomas is Good!
Go Whalers….Errr…Ummm…I mean, never mind!
Chara is Tall!
Make Daddy Proud, Greggy!

And my personal favorite:
Kesler is a Cunt!

So feel free to take the ball and run with it. Come up with your own chant to inspire the Black & Gold and who knows, maybe we can get together and sing it to the boys over & over & over again during a parade in Boston? It could happen……..right?


Oh yeah…P.S. Can we PLEASE have Terry Francona, Doc Rivers & Bill Belichick speak to the lads & inspire them to win?


Just MOOG!

You know he could totally rock the cone bra better than Madge.  H/T to Dear_Gravity & Chevrm for this gem.

FINALLY! Baseball is back in Boston!


When I originally started this blog, it was more Bruins centric – but everyone knew my love for that other hometown team. With that said, how great was last night?

I was ready for baseball after Saturday’s final spring training game against the Washington National(excuse me, ‘Natinals‘) and watching the Mariners and Giants battle it out in the rain, didn’t seem to fill the void. I kept checking the time yesterday, hoping it was closer prime time.

Now I know a lot people were unhappy with the starting time of the game. Well, sorry – it’s NOT ABOUT YOU. I know it’s a shocking statement, but it’s true. I could careless when it happened, I just wanted baseball back in Boston and I think we’re all better for it. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be turning my back on my beloved Bruins because the Sox are in season – its times like that, where I’m glad God created picture in picture TVs.

The Boston Red Sox always knew how to throw a party and last night was not exception. Now I know most people think I’m a heartless bastard, but deep down inside I’m a stupid girl and moments can make me misty. Like the cheers that Mike Lowell received when he was announced. After two winters of your team trying to get rid of you and then finding out you’re going to be riding the pine the majority of the season, Lowell has been nothing but class personified. A lot of players would go into the season screaming about how they’ve been disrespected and do whatever they can to alienate themselves enough so they can get a one way ticket out-of-town(*cough*JAY PAYTON*cough*). Not Lowell, he took his lumps like a man and has accepted his roll on the team. I hope they keep him, but I don’t run the team.

When Amalie Benjamin announced Pedro would be throwing out the first pitch last night, I thought it was too good to be true or a cruel, belated April Fool’s Joke. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Pedro Martinez was probably one of the most exciting pitcher I’ve ever/will ever see in my life time. He’s a legend. He’s a future hall of famer and he’s a lunatic. But he’s our lunatic. He did it with style and made life interesting. Watching Pedro pop up from under the flag and watching him smile & wave to the crowd just made me want him back in Boston. Ok,  I’m sure you’ll think I’m crazy – but I want Pedro to retire in Boston. You never know what will happen during the the season, maybe we’ll need some help on the hill? The only thing I wish that was different, was that Pedro threw out the ceremonial Don Zimmer instead. Ahhh….memories. *sigh*

The game itself was a classic Red Sox game. Just when you think all help is lost, the Red Sox find a way to pull it out. Just when I thought I was outthey pull me back in.” We’re going to ignore the Josh Beckett’s performance. In fact, let’s blame those first few innings on Cla Meredith? Remember when Tito threw him to the wolves and was a big ol’bucket of fail? I’m going to say he pitched last night. Tito has an evil sense of humor.

For a team that is known for it’s stacked pitching, it was the bats that kept the Sox in the game. Dustin Pedroia went 2-4 and helped tie up the score in the 7th with a home run. Kevin Youkilis went 3-4 and had that huge triple that gave the Red Sox the lead and inevitably, the win. I know the Red Sox purists are trying to spin that the Sox didn’t win opening day in ’04 or in ’07 – but they won THEIR home opener in ’07. So suck it. All hope isn’t lost, there’s still 161 games to go.

Now sure Neil Diamond made an appearance at Fenway to sing “Sweet Caroline”, a more than likely high on something, Steven Tyler(sans Aerosmith) sang “God Bless America” and even Keri Hilson did a bang up job singing the National Anthem. But if there was anything that got Red Sox Nation ready for last night’s game, it was 5-year-old, Joshua Sacco.

The YouTube sensation took a break from re-enacting Herb Brooks’ Miracle speech on Ellen & for the Minnesota Wild to do a Red Sox version of the speech. Whoever it was who thought was a good idea to get Sacco to do that epic speech should get a raise. This kid rocks. Even Dice-K got into it! Look at his reaction to when Joshua says “Screw’em!” He loved  it! How could you not? If you don’t, you’re a heartless communist with no soul and no appreciation of anything good in this world. Too much?

But the lights at Fenway will be dim for the next 24 hours. Kind of anti-climatic, huh? It’s a bummer we can’t watch baseball again until Tuesday. But hey, thank God there’s a Bruins game tonight. Go get’em, boys!

Bruins vs. Rangers Pictures

If you don’t follow Sharon Bradley Photography on Facebook – you should! She’s a talented photographer who’s been working with The Bruins Blog and can be seen shooting from her perch behind the glass. Here’s some great shots Sharon decided to share with me from Sunday’s Bruins win against the Rangers! Enjoy!

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Tickets for Cuts for a Cause On Sale NOW!

"I thought they were only going to take a little off the top?"

 Tickets are on sale for 3rd annual Cuts for a Cause(don’t believe what the site says – it’s the 3rd one). Toucher & Rich from 98.5 The Sports Hub join up with the Bruins and shed some hair for a great cause.  All of the money raised goes to the Mass General Hospital for Children and will benefit pediatric cancer research

This year’s event is will be @ Ned Devines on March 31st and it’s a blast.  Don’t believe me? Here’s the link to my pictures from last year’s event to get you excited. It’s a great chance to meet the players, make fun of Adolfo(which is always a good time) and raise money for a great cause. Toucher & Rich should have the info on how to bid for the chance to shave someone’s head soon! Tickets are just $10 and you can purchase them by calling 617-746-5140. 

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make this year. I’ll be still in the hospital, so take tons of pictures for moi.  Oh yeah, if someone wants to make a “Where’s Cameron?” sign and take pictures of the players holding it & get it signed for moi – I’ll be your best friend! haha 

If you don’t go, Freddy T will be sad. 


Matt Cooke Won’t Fight Shawn Thornton

Well, folks – tonight’s the night. It’s been 11 days since Matt Cooke’s cheap shot on Marc Savard and the Pittsburgh Penguins will take on the Boston Bruins at the TD Garden.  All eyes are on Boston. It’s only fitting that today was Shawn Thornton’s weekly appearance on Toucher & Rich on 98.5 The Sports Hub this morning.

Thornton said he was well aware that the world was watching tonight and was asked what he thought about the whole situation. “If he was suspended a couple games – it would probably be over.”

The radio hosts mentioned that NHL Disciplinarian, Colin Campbell, will be present for tonight’s game and plans on  speaking to both teams prior to the game.

“I hope it’s a 2-way conversation.”

The  players on both teams should be allowed to speak their mind with Campbell and if they don’t feel comfortable speaking to him in a group setting, there should be an opportunity to speak their minds privately. We’ve all seen the effects concussions have on people. Thornton mentioned that one his best friends had to retire from the game because of concussions.

Pretty much every Bruins fan out there wants Cooke’s head and is expecting his blood on the ice at some point in the game. Fred Toucher asked if Cooke would fight, Thornton responded, “Depends on who it is.” Thornton went on to talk about Cooke’s history of turtling when he knew he couldn’t win.

Toucher followed that question up by asking Shawn if Matt Cooke would fight him. “No.”  Classy. Matt Cooke is a puss.

Mike Wendt(DJ/Bruins Blogger) posted this video earlier this morning and for those of you who need to be reminded on how much of a scumbag Matt Cooke is, I recommend you watch it.

Video c/o Hockey Web Cast – amazing work, guys!

If you want to hear the entire Thornton interview, head on over to the Toucher & Rich section of 98.5 The Sports Hub – it should be up later on today. *EDIT* Here’s today’s podcast featuring the interview with Shawn Thornton.

One Night Only! Colin Campbell Comes Boston

I'm a complete ass.

 So according to Eric Wilbur of the Boston Globe, NHL Head Disciplinarian, Colin Campbell, will be in town on Thursday to watch the Bruins take on the Pittsburgh Penguins. I’m sure Campbell intends on giving the lads a stern talking to about being good little hockey players and will later hunker down and will watch a 60 minute train wreck, like everyone is hoping for .  

Campbell has no one to blame but himself if someone gets hurt Thursday night. If he used that thing, that’s three feet from his ass and suspended Cooke when given the opportunity – I’m sure the calls for blood wouldn’t be as bad. Instead, there’s been talks about sitting Malkin, Crosby & Cooke for the game and it’s not fair for Cooke’s teammates to clean up the mess he made. 

I’m sure Campbell is going to pull Penguins coach, Dan Bylsma, aside and recommend he consider sitting the wonder twins for the night.  I mean, since it’s so close to the playoffs and after that rough game in Tampa Bay on Sunday(Hey Pittsburg, it sucks when it’s your guy, huh?) and let’s not forget they play the night before against the Devils – maybe it’s time for them to have a break. But if Bylsma is an honorable guy, he’ll put Cooke out there and Crosby & Malkin(providing neither are hurt) and keeps it business as usual.  

It’s been a week since Matt Cooke’s hit on Marc Savard and Bruins fans have been looking at this date like an expecting mother. When justice wasn’t served, that’s when it was crystal clear that the players were going to have to take the situation into their own hands and hopefully they do. But I’m not about to put money on it.  Would I be shocked if nothing happened and it was business as usual at the Garden? Nope, not at all. But it’s about time  the Bruins live up to their “big & bad” moniker. If I had my say,  Steve Begin would whispers “Prepare to die” in Matt Cooke’s ear in French, smile, kiss him on the cheek and then proceeds to gnaw off his face. But we don’t always get what we want.
Thanks to Puck Daddy for the heads up!