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Cupid Comes Back To Boston!


Let’s try this again!!

Since Nemo ruined the fun back in February,  Project Cupid’s 4th Annual Date Auction at the Estate Nightclub on March 9th from 6 to 10! All of the money raised for this event will be going to help the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund fight pediatric leukemia.

If you want to know more about eligible bachelors and bachelorettes on the auction block – check out some of their twitter pages: @jen_royale, @blipchop of @plentyof20s, @kym_nguyen, @wilfredboston, @scsizzle10, @mikeriley54, @meylsha7, and @gabbadessa.  You can also bid on a member of the Mass Attorney General’s Office, a research scientists, a couple of attorneys and few more catches that you need to check out for yourself!

Or if you’re looking for something to do with that someone who loves sports or who’s dying for a night on the town,  you can bid on one of their live auctions:

#1 Celtics Package will feature a basketball signed by Paul Pierce, 2 tickets to an undetermined game and a gift certificate to The North Star Boston . This package has an estimated value of $425

#2 New England Patriots Package will feature a football signed by Brandon Spikes and 2 tickets to a 2013-2014 game with two tailgate passes to Dana-Farber Field house where you will have unlimited foods and drinks. This package has an estimated value of $700.00

#3 Red Sox Package will feature a bat signed by Jason Varitek, two Red Sox tickets and two Lowell Spinners tickets that include first pitch. This package has no estimated value because how can you put a value on throwing out the first pitch.

#4 The Date Package will feature a one night stay at Ames Hotel, $50.00 gift card to Picco in the South End, Haircut, Style and Color Avanti Salon , $50.00 gift card to East Coast Grill and 2 tickets to see Blue Man Group at The Charles Playhouse . This package has an estimated value of $600.00

#5 The New England Revolution Package will include a ball signed by New England Revolution , 4 tickets to a Revolution game and 4 on-field passes. This package has an estimated value of $1100.

Whether you bid on one of the potential dates or one of the live auction items, all of the money raised is going to a great cause and helping to fight a terrible disease. Plus, I’m going to be there – so why wouldn’t you go? Tickets are $20 & can be purchased here!

Just because Valentine’s is over, doesn’t mean you can’t have a heart and help someone in need! See you then!


B-R-U-I-N-S Not U-S-A!

Ok. So I haven’t wirtten about hockey much this year. But I do have a request for the Bruins fans out there and hopefully you’ll humor me and take this request seriously.

I’m amped the Bruins are going to the Stanley Cup Finals, why wouldn’t I be? It’s a great thing for the team, the fans and for the city of Boston. Plus, why should they let the Red Sox get all the attention? Let those bitches work for it! Now I do have one request for the fans when going to the games in town and I’m sure there’s more than a few who will disagree with this request, but hear me out. The Boston Bruins have 3, yes, THREE(1-2-3) players on the roster from the United States. Can we PLEASE drop the ‘USA’ chant?

Do I get why y’all do it? Yeah. I mean, we ARE in the US and Tim Thomas is from the US and we don’t let the colors run and we killed Bin Laden. Yeah, yeah, I get it. I know you chant it to inspire the players or Thomas. But it’s not about one guy – it’s a team effort!

But there is just something about the chant during a normal hockey game that’s just so cringe worthy. It just screams ‘Douche Bag American’ and what aboot the players from different lands that bust their humps? Where’s there’s chant?(Since you’ll never be able to inspire Kaberle, can we all agree that he is the Eric Gagne of the Bruins?)

Oh and Vancouver has 6 American players. Two of them are Ryan Kesler & Andrew Alberts. Do you REALLY want to inspire them? I mean, Kesler is a beast and Alberts is…..ok….not so much Alberts. But you get what I’m trying to say, right?

Do you really want to inspire these douche nozzles?

With that said, if you’re looking to chant something at the game – here are some ideas for you:

Thomas is Good!
Go Whalers….Errr…Ummm…I mean, never mind!
Chara is Tall!
Make Daddy Proud, Greggy!

And my personal favorite:
Kesler is a Cunt!

So feel free to take the ball and run with it. Come up with your own chant to inspire the Black & Gold and who knows, maybe we can get together and sing it to the boys over & over & over again during a parade in Boston? It could happen……..right?


Oh yeah…P.S. Can we PLEASE have Terry Francona, Doc Rivers & Bill Belichick speak to the lads & inspire them to win?

Bianca Wilfork Wants To Get Paid

Vince is a pussy compared to Bianca

Bianca Wilfork wants to get paid. There I said it. Do I blame her? I believe Whitney Houston said it best when she said, HELL TO THE NO! Granted she was all cracked out when she said that – but who doesn’t want a big paycheck? I mean those Gucci bags and fancy Ed Hardy gear don’t pay for themselves. But here’s the thing, it’s not Bianca putting her body on the line, it’s her husband.

For those of you who didn’t get the memo, the New England Patriots put the franchise tag on nose tackle Vince Wilfork yesterday and he will be making $7.03 million next season if he can’t come to an agreement with the Patriots in July.  If Vince doesn’t sign on the dotted line by July 15th or if the proverbial cookie crumbles – contract negotiations will resume at the end of the season.

During an appearance on the Dale & Holley show on WEEI back in January, Wilfork said he  would be less than thrilled if the Patriots slapped the franchise tag on him and told the radio hosts the following:

“I did honor my six-year deal. Now, that six-year deal is up. It’s time for me to move forward, with the Patriots or not with the Patriots. A franchise tag is decent money for most people out there. What I do, it’s okay.  But I don’t look at myself as an okay player. Like I said, it’s just basically a slap in my face and it’s insulting to me to tell me I’m an okay player.”

Now, usually players don’t fare well after getting labeled a franchise player – but $7.03 million is nothing to turn your nose up at. Are you kidding me? PLEASE! I’d be amped on getting paid $.03 million to do my crap job! Granted I’m not blocking and rolling around in the mud with men in tight spandex, but I’d be willing to take one for the team for 7 million.

Back to wifey.

Now Bianca, I get what you’re trying to say.  I know you busted your butt working two job while supporting two kids on your own, I know you helped save your husband’s ass when he was up for suspension, I get that you’re suppose to stand by your man & it’s 2010 and women shouldn’t be afraid to speak their mind.

But seriously, Twitter? That’s where you go to make the official statement? Can we expect  the announcement of  Vince’s new contract on Facebook or hell, let’s go old school – how about Friendster? Maybe there will be an AOL chatroom in the future.  I mean, isn’t that why Vince has a (very neglected) website? But then again, what do I know? Shoot me an email – I’m sure you’d have no problem telling which end is up.

But if there is one thing I think I do know? It’s Bianca’s response if the Patriots don’t re-sign him.