Occupy Anything?

When the Occupy movement started in New York this summer, I was actually moved & impressed. I was amped when the protests showed up in cities like Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto and my beloved, Boston. I’ll be honest, I considered volunteering at Boston. I figured, they’re doing the dirty work. So if there was anyway I could help out – I wanted to.

But around this time, I was looking for a job and well, I didn’t think having a conviction would look good on a resume. So I didn’t. My friends& family breathed a sigh of relief when I decided to be a wuss & worry more about finding work, than saving the state of our government. Selfish, I know.

After a month or so, I was still waiting for the start of the revolution. Ok, maybe that’s being a tad over dramatic – but I was hoping for something. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the bitches had to move a few stones to get the process started and I didn’t see much from the occupiers.

During my job search, I had an interview at the FED. You know, right across the street from Dewey Square? After my interview, I decided to check out the scene and see what they were doing. To my surprise and dismay….the were doing nothing. Well, that’s not true. There was a large from group of high schoolers coloring(the revolution will be COLORIZED!), there was yoga & a long line for a free flu shot.

I had a few choice things said to me when I was there. Way to judge a bitch on their appearance. But I must say, I did look good that day. I don’t mind getting yelled at for being “the 1%” – it’s far better to be call that, than fat. I guess losing the weight paid off, huh? When I tried  to explain I was like them –  it didn’t matter. They didn’t seem to believe me and honestly, why the hell do I have to explain myself or my beliefs to anyone? I thought the 99% was supposed to be open and accepting of everyone? I guess I missed that addendum to their rules.

That’s when tide of support started to change.

I tried to not let that negative experience ruin everything, but when you see a whole nothing going on – it’s hard not to get jaded. I know I’m not usually the most positive person, but politically, I try to look on the brighter side. Even when Republicans are in charge. But as time went by, nothing seem to happen. Other than some dolts for being arrested for dealing drugs out of their tent & in front of their child. Classy. I know times are tough, but you can do other things besides dealing heroin.

I don’t know. It just seemed like they weren’t doing anything and after a while – it just turned into a joke. I really wanted to support them and the cause, but they did nothing except rack up a HUGE bill(we’ll get to that in a bit.).

There were so many educated/connected people who supported the occupation and they’ve shared their wealth of knowledge and money with the protesters. Now if you were protesting and REALLY wanted to get your point across, wouldn’t you sit these people down and have them help you put something together to submit to your local/national government? No! That would be too easy. I understand you want to do things on your own. But if you’re not too proud to beg for coffee(Really? That’s more important than social justice?) – you shouldn’t be too proud to ask for help from the educated/experienced individuals who support your cause.

And back to the cost of the movement! Edward Davis, commissioner of the Boston Police Department, told reporters that the police over time is “nearing $1 million.” I can’t wait to see how much the clean up will cost the city. And here’s the best part! Who are the unlucky bastards that will be stuck paying the bill?

The 99%! YEAH WOOO HOOO….Wait a minute? Oh what the fuck?!

Yeah, uhhhh….thanks for the early Christmas gift? Do you have a receipt? I’d like to exchange it for something else. So let me get this straight. You’re fighting for the people who don’t have a voice or the cash to survive – but you’re footing us with the bill? Wow, you’re real humanitarians. I’ll remember that when my taxes go up. Now where do I send the thank notes?

Now, I’m not here just to bash. I do have a thought I’d like to share. We’ve all heard how much money Occupy Wall Street has in the bank, I assume the other occupiers probably have some savings and <edit>Occupy Boston has raised over $50K(no…really)– this is what I propose! The winter is here, why not elect spokes people &/or leaders from each group and have a massive sit down and make a plan of attack. Create a proposal of what you want to accomplish. Work with the educated people who support you. They have the knowledge – so why not use them like a slutty girl on prom night?

Get all of your thoughts down on paper and make sure you drop them off at the door of everyone in the House, the Senate, Barry’s Casa de Blanca and with the candidates running for office in 2012. Request meetings with these people and if they say ‘no’ – go to the press!

I know OWS put something together early on, so why not use that as a starting point? Give yourselves 4 months to figure out what you want to do, how you want to accomplish these goals and prove to the world that you are serious and ready for a revolution.


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