A train-wreck down memory lane….

This broad still got off better than I did....

So since losing the weight, I’ve started to wonder who would be interested in my ass this time around and I kinda got my answer.

A few weeks back I was out & about with Mummy Dearest and end up running into someone I haven’t seen since I was 17. Patrick(names have been changed to protect the innocent) and I met when we went to summer camp together. We were always friendly and ran in the same circles together. We got close after I helped him make a break to the bathroom when someone decided to *ahem* pop up during swimming. Puberty is a bitch, but the great ‘Boner Bathroom Bolt’ will still live on in history.

After that we were basically attached to the hip. So much so that it carried over into the school year, we lived down the street from each other – we’d ride bikes to each other’s houses all the time and hang out. At that age, life is getting complicated – so it was nice to have someone you could go to and just breathe and not worry about the bullshit that came with that age.

We were close up until the summer I finally hooked up with the “love of my life”. I was 15, cut the bitch some slack. Listen I know I was a dolt, but it’s not like I was giving birth at the prom & ditching the baby in the garbage. After I brought shitbag into the picture, the relationship I had with Patrick took a turn. The next day when word got around, you would have thought I punched him in the cock and set fire to his baseball cards(he did have an epic collection back then).

Patrick would either be a complete asshole to me or just not even speak to me. I couldn’t understand why, I mean, he was dating or whatever you want to call it when you’re that age. I stood by him and listened to him bitch & moan about his girl problems. Yet when it was time for the kid(moi) to get some, Pat turn into PMSing Patsy. We completely stopped talking when I was 17. I just didn’t have the energy for the bullshit anymore and I was too busy trying to get into college/trying not to get pregnant(OW! *rubs knees*).

So cut to 10/11 years later and the new me is out in about. Guess who I run into? The fact he recognized me is still weird. But we hugged, talked and exchanged numbers. I didn’t think I was actually going to hear from him, so I was shocked when he did call me. We played catch up, I told him about the summer from hell and he told me about his summer from hell. When I was on death’s door – he was on divorce’s door.

He got married out of college to a girl he met at camp. *cringe* I never cared for her, but he use to follow her around like a puppy dog and they ended up getting married 2 weeks after graduating from college, had 2 kids and divorced all in 5 years. He was always a fast mover.

Pretty soon we were texting and talking all the time, we just picked up where we left off. We were 12 again. It was nice to have him back in my life. So cut to last week. I wasn’t feeling a 100%, so getting his text made me smile. He asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner and who am I to turn down a free meal?

The night started off great. We were having fun and then the shit hit the fan.

Towards the end of dinner, he looked at me and said, “You know, you broke my heart when you hooked up with “shitbag”.”

Me – “Oh….ok. Umm….sorry?”

What the fuck am I suppose to say to that? I was fucking 15! I didn’t know any better and once again, I was 15! Fine, if you’re pissed about that – then I get to be pissed for you stealing the shoebox I had filled with blue raspberry Blow Pops. Are we even now? Fucking sociopath.

Needless to say, he didn’t like my answer and the asshole came out again. After listening to him quietly ranting(God forbid he makes a scene in public – did I mention we were still at dinner?) at me for 20+ minutes – I called it a night. By called it a night, I excused myself to the bathroom and walked out the door. Thank God I have a friend that lived close by.

I haven’t spoken to him since that night. No loss really. I will say this, if this is a sign of what I have to look forward to when I really put myself out there and date, then I’m going to back to sleeping with emotionally unavailable/married men. Say what you will, but at least then I knew what I was getting myself into and I never got screamed at. Well, not by them. Now their wives and/or girlfriends, well – that’s a different story.

And they say romance is dead….


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