FINALLY! Baseball is back in Boston!


When I originally started this blog, it was more Bruins centric – but everyone knew my love for that other hometown team. With that said, how great was last night?

I was ready for baseball after Saturday’s final spring training game against the Washington National(excuse me, ‘Natinals‘) and watching the Mariners and Giants battle it out in the rain, didn’t seem to fill the void. I kept checking the time yesterday, hoping it was closer prime time.

Now I know a lot people were unhappy with the starting time of the game. Well, sorry – it’s NOT ABOUT YOU. I know it’s a shocking statement, but it’s true. I could careless when it happened, I just wanted baseball back in Boston and I think we’re all better for it. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be turning my back on my beloved Bruins because the Sox are in season – its times like that, where I’m glad God created picture in picture TVs.

The Boston Red Sox always knew how to throw a party and last night was not exception. Now I know most people think I’m a heartless bastard, but deep down inside I’m a stupid girl and moments can make me misty. Like the cheers that Mike Lowell received when he was announced. After two winters of your team trying to get rid of you and then finding out you’re going to be riding the pine the majority of the season, Lowell has been nothing but class personified. A lot of players would go into the season screaming about how they’ve been disrespected and do whatever they can to alienate themselves enough so they can get a one way ticket out-of-town(*cough*JAY PAYTON*cough*). Not Lowell, he took his lumps like a man and has accepted his roll on the team. I hope they keep him, but I don’t run the team.

When Amalie Benjamin announced Pedro would be throwing out the first pitch last night, I thought it was too good to be true or a cruel, belated April Fool’s Joke. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Pedro Martinez was probably one of the most exciting pitcher I’ve ever/will ever see in my life time. He’s a legend. He’s a future hall of famer and he’s a lunatic. But he’s our lunatic. He did it with style and made life interesting. Watching Pedro pop up from under the flag and watching him smile & wave to the crowd just made me want him back in Boston. Ok,  I’m sure you’ll think I’m crazy – but I want Pedro to retire in Boston. You never know what will happen during the the season, maybe we’ll need some help on the hill? The only thing I wish that was different, was that Pedro threw out the ceremonial Don Zimmer instead. Ahhh….memories. *sigh*

The game itself was a classic Red Sox game. Just when you think all help is lost, the Red Sox find a way to pull it out. Just when I thought I was outthey pull me back in.” We’re going to ignore the Josh Beckett’s performance. In fact, let’s blame those first few innings on Cla Meredith? Remember when Tito threw him to the wolves and was a big ol’bucket of fail? I’m going to say he pitched last night. Tito has an evil sense of humor.

For a team that is known for it’s stacked pitching, it was the bats that kept the Sox in the game. Dustin Pedroia went 2-4 and helped tie up the score in the 7th with a home run. Kevin Youkilis went 3-4 and had that huge triple that gave the Red Sox the lead and inevitably, the win. I know the Red Sox purists are trying to spin that the Sox didn’t win opening day in ’04 or in ’07 – but they won THEIR home opener in ’07. So suck it. All hope isn’t lost, there’s still 161 games to go.

Now sure Neil Diamond made an appearance at Fenway to sing “Sweet Caroline”, a more than likely high on something, Steven Tyler(sans Aerosmith) sang “God Bless America” and even Keri Hilson did a bang up job singing the National Anthem. But if there was anything that got Red Sox Nation ready for last night’s game, it was 5-year-old, Joshua Sacco.

The YouTube sensation took a break from re-enacting Herb Brooks’ Miracle speech on Ellen & for the Minnesota Wild to do a Red Sox version of the speech. Whoever it was who thought was a good idea to get Sacco to do that epic speech should get a raise. This kid rocks. Even Dice-K got into it! Look at his reaction to when Joshua says “Screw’em!” He loved  it! How could you not? If you don’t, you’re a heartless communist with no soul and no appreciation of anything good in this world. Too much?

But the lights at Fenway will be dim for the next 24 hours. Kind of anti-climatic, huh? It’s a bummer we can’t watch baseball again until Tuesday. But hey, thank God there’s a Bruins game tonight. Go get’em, boys!


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5 thoughts on “FINALLY! Baseball is back in Boston!

  1. Fang's Bites April 5, 2010 at 4:40 pm Reply

    Glad to have you back! Missed you longtime!

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  3. […] Now sure Neil Diamond made an appearance at Fenway to sing Sweet Caroline, a more than likely high on something, Steven Tyler(sans Aerosmith) sang God Bless America and even Keri Hilson did a bang up job singing the National Anthem. …This Post […]

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  5. Wolfie April 28, 2010 at 6:00 pm Reply

    I’m sorry…I was busy polishing our 27th Championship trophy. Red Sox suck and so do you.

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