Is 2 1/2 Years Enough For A Lifetime of Embarrassement?

Micheal Barrett, a divorced insurance executive from Illinois, was sentenced yesterday to 30 months in prison for stalking and videotaping ESPN sideline reporter, Erin Andrews. Classy guy. Remember that name ladies.

If you’re not completely grossed out by what Michael Barrett did to Andrews, consider this.  There are supposedly 32 other videos featuring 16 unidentified other woman. How would you feel if you name was on the list of that no-so-sweet 16? Erin Andrews told the courts yesterday that she constantly lives in fear and doesn’t even feel safe in her own home. “Every time I come home alone, I’m waiting for him to jump out from behind a door.”

What happened to Erin Andrews is probably one of the worst nightmares for any woman out there. Imagine having your most private moments recorded and broadcasted all over the internet. Lovely though, huh? Women shouldn’t have to worry about looking over their shoulders when they’re doing something as simple as getting dressed in the morning or checking themselves out in the mirror. I think that’s what makes the whole situation worse. When someone is watching you do everyday normal stuff and knows your entire daily routine, it’s creepy.

Who knows what else Barrett could have done if given the opportunity, this could have just been the beginning of something worse.  I mean, if he’s sick enough to take the time and follow her to three states,  video tape her and then post them on the internet – his psychotic, perverted behavior probably knows no bounds.

Barret made his best attempts yesterday to seem remorseful and ask for forgiveness of the court, but why should a scumbag like that be forgiven?  Do you honestly think he’s sorry? Please! The only thing he’s sorry about is getting caught.  Barrett’s lawyer told the media yesterday:

“There’s the public humiliation he suffered and yes, he brought that on himself.”

Really? Michael Barrett is humiliated? You blasted a peephole video of Erin Andrews all over the internet and could have very likely ruined her career and he’s complaining about being publicly embarrassed? What a bag of shit. I’m sorry. But that takes balls to say.

How could you not sit there and consider how this embarrassing behavior could affect your personal and professional relationships? Since Michael Barrett was charged, his fiancée broke up with him, he lost his job and Lord knows what this has done to the relationship with his children. Hope it was all worth it, douchebag.

Michael Barrett is a sexual predator. There’s no other way to describe him. Well, there are – but I’m trying to clean up my language. 30 months doesn’t make up for the lifetime of mental anguish Andrews is going to suffer. Those pictures are going to live on forever online. Hell, Glamour magazine recently published one of the pictures in an article. How are you suppose to move on, if you’re constantly reminded of this moment?


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