Why Does Colin Campbell Have A Job?

During an interview withe 590 The Fan in Toronto, NHL Head disciplinarian, Colin Campbell, called the hit on Marc Savard as “”shoulder to head.” and didn’t see Matt Cooke’s elbow with Savard’s head.

Now, I know I’m just some dumb blogger – but is anyone shocked? Now, I could  say ‘I told you so!’ – but I’m not going to. For the first time I’m really upset. After the hit and everyone called for Cooke’s head – I knew nothing was going to happen and SURE ENOUGH! BOOM! Campbell strikes again.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie reported on twitter that Campbell said it was matter of consistency , that if it happens next year, the suspension would be stiffer and that Matt Cooke would NOT be suspended for the possible season ending hit on Marc Savard. Ummm Are you kidding me? Just out of curiosity, what’s a stiffer suspension that NO GAMES? One Game? Half Game? A slap on the hand and no sent to bed with no supper? Can you also explain to me how mocking a slutty girl is worse than giving a man a concussion?

Colin Campbell is a joke.

Since you can’t get suspended for possibly cutting the season short for someone, it’s payback time. Can’t beat’em? Join’em.

Listen, I know two wrongs don’t make a right and it’s about being the bigger person and all that happy horse shit – but I want a repeat of the November 1st, 2009 game against the Stars. I want blood on the ice. I want Matt Cooke,  to quote Amanda from Melrose Place, to be left with that proverbial wish – that he never was born.

Looch, I’m looking at you. Campbell already thinks you’re a thug for doing NOTHING, why not give him a real reason to hate you. I want Wideman falling on people & breaking their bones, I want the return of One Hit Hunwick, I want Chara to use their fourth line as finger puppets. Ok, that was a bit much – but you get my point.

Do I want them to win? Of course I do and I know fisticuffs could get in the way. But I don’t care. It’s payback time and if the refs or Campbell are going to do anything about it, it’s about damn time that the players do.  *EDIT* After I posted this, The Sporting News spoke to Vincent Lacavalier of the Lightning(who had a run-in with Cooke) and Vinny said the NHL got is all wrong:

The hit on Savard “makes me sick,” Lecavalier told the St. Petersburg Times. “That’s the type of player he is. He runs around and he hits guys when they are in a vulnerable position. I hope the league does something about it.

“If they don’t, it’s going to be a big mistake, especially protecting a guy like him who has previous times hit guys dirty. I think they should suspend him more than one game.”

Colin Campbell is a joke and needs to be fired. Because what’s going to happen when Cooke clocks someone else and paralyzes them or worse? Will Campbell pull his head out of his ass then?

Wayne Whittaker from the band Verb The Adjective Noun, put up a $100 bounty on Cooke. I said I’ll toss in a 100 and I know Mr. Wendt said he would to. I’m serious – first Bruins player that knocks Cooke out gets the cash! Anyone else want in?


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