Remy Rapes Red Sox Nation

Red Sox commentator , former Sox player and pride of Fall River, Jerry Remy, is opening up his sports bar just in time for opening night. Located in WBCN’s old digs,  it’s the follow-up to his sports bar & grill located in Terminal C in Logan Airport.

Now, Remy is a beloved fixture in Red Sox. He received a hero’s welcome when he returned from his battle with cancer last summer, was elected as President of Red Sox Nation and Mayor Tom Menino declared June 24th, “Jerry Remy Day” in Boston. So knowing all that, why would Remy try to fleece his fans out of their hard-earned cash to watch tv?

Jerry’s new place will be offering “Season Passes” to its fans and for $500, you can get instant access & a table to watch the game on one of its many televisions, a $25 food credit, one free glass of beer or wine, invited to exclusive events & of course, an autograph picture of the Rem Dog.

So maybe I’m cheap – but am I wrong in thinking that $500 is a tad much to basically sit & watch TV? Jerry, you do know there’s a recession going on, right?

In regards to the $25 food credit – knowing the savages I usually watch sporting events with, that would be gone before Jerry said, “Buenos noches, amigos!” and let me remind you – you won’t be watching the game from Fenway or through the fencing at the Bleacher Bar – you’ll be watching it ON TELEVISION. If I’m paying 500 bucks to watch the game, Pedroia better be serving me hotdogs & beer – while we watch Papelbon dance in his panties in between innings. *Dance for me, Monkey Boy! DANCE!*

Another thing I’m puzzled by, is in the Boston Globe’s piece on Remy’s Season Pass offer, they said, “packages are for either home or away games…” So does that mean if I buy a package – I need to buy another package if I want to watch away games or do I get both for 500. I could be a moron(more than likely that’s the case) – but it does sound a little misleading.

Now, I’m sure there are some of you with incomes to cover this – but I don’t see the average Red Sox fan being able to afford something like this or wanting to spend the money on something like this. It’s a huge risk to take on a place that’s brand new. But I’m sure based on name recognition alone, the place will more than likely do well. According to Universal Hub’s Twitter, Remy’s wants to build a 40 person patio in the back with a lovely view of the walls of Fenway Park and just incase you forgot, you’re still going to have to watch the game……ON TV.

According to Don Bailey, the restaurant’s GM & inventor of the “Season Pass” program, 170 suckers people have already signed up and they’re hoping to reach 300 soon. I wouldn’t hold your breath, Don. But if you can share the passes, like the guys at Surviving Grady are hoping – count me in, boys!


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