Why I hate the singing Burger King employee

Love me, Daddy!

 So this morning, in-between showering and throwing up  – Fox ran a story about a Burger King employee from Concord, NH and the shenanigans he’s gotten himself into. 

The lad in question didn’t piss in the pickle jar or jerk off in the mayo – this fool has the audacity of singing at work and evidently his love for belting out a tune annoyed someone. Word came down from the Burger King himself that employee needs to zip or find another job

For whatever reason, people love this guy and have freaked out. Now me personally? I hate the guy. Why? Well, let me tell you. 

He’s an attention whore. He’s a guy at a shit job, that people more than likely wouldn’t give a shit about and he’s probably gone through his whole life lacking human contact. So he started singing to get the attention he’s been so desperate for. Stop it. If you want to sing while serving someone – get into dinner theater. 

If I’m going to BK, I’m more than likely pissed I have to eat that crap and I don’t want some ass who wasn’t hugged enough as a kid serenading me and reminding what I pig I am by eating their food. It’s like the people who try to hold conversations with you when you’re in the drive thru. Just take my money and have a nice day – I don’t  like to make small talk with my friends & family, so why would I want to make it with the meth head who’s taking my order at the Lawrence Taco Bell? 

The BK singer, Chuck Muphree, is 27 years old has been working at Burger King for the last ten years. Ten years and he’s a cashier. If you’re working at Burger King for 10 years, you should be at least a Burger Lord – not a cashier. I mean do you have any other aspirations in your life? 

Murphee told the Concord Monitor and after speaking to his manager, he said, “I told him straight out this was going to be hard for me because I have a happy outlook about life and I express myself by singing.” Well, I’m going to have a hard time believing that you have a happy outlook on life after jockeying a register at Burger King for 10 damn years. 

But that’s just me. The general public loves him. There’s a facebook page for this guy and they want him signing again. They majority of them are kids, which leads me to think he was either buying them booze or dealing drugs on the side. Which makes this story creepier…. 

If you want to sing, form a band or try out for American Idol. Just don’t work at my Starbucks or I’ll be forced to throw hot coffee in your face.


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