The New Kid In Town Helps The Blazers Beat The Knighthawks

Going into Saturday night’s game against  the Rochester Knighthaws, the Boston Blazers were one game away from having a 3-3 record and they knew whatever they did, it wasn’t going to be an easy game. The Knighthawks, a notoriously tough team to play, were in 3rd place going into this weekends game and would also have to face force their former teammate, Jamie Rooney. Rooney was traded to the Blazers last week and definately made an impression on his new team and his coach.

“We just picked him up this week obviously and we tried to bring him up to speed as much as possible last night and for the most part he just had to learn as much as he could and just play lacrosse,” Coach Tom Ryan told reporters after the win. Rooney had a successful first night as a Blazer, scoring 2 goals and one assist.

Team Captain, Dan Dawson added, “He did a fantastic job, he had to learn all the plays last night and we threw him right there in the power play and he took a little while to get going on the game sheet, but he was getting offensive loose balls and those are the intangibles that obviously that don’t come up on the game sheet. People just look at the goals and the assists, but he scored two goals real late and the monkey was off his back, which was great to see it was a big relief for him and he had a great smile. So we welcome him with open arms and we’re excited that he was producing tonight.”

The newly aquired Jamie Rooney has been looking forward to playing with Dan Dawson for sometime. Rooney was originally signed to Arizona, but they closed up shop not to long afterwards and Rooney went to go play for the Philadelphia – never getting his chance to play with Dawson. But the young player is excited at the opportunity to being able to play with one of the league’s best players.

“I’ve been waiting to play with Dan for a long time. I signed with Arizona right before they folded and was expecting to play with him, I was eager, anticipating that. …I’m just looking forward to it.”

Rooney, who had a crash course for all things Boston Blazers during Friday night’s practice, left the game happy knowing he was able to help with the win. “Obviously you want to come in and be a part of the puzzle and not be a distraction and anything like that….It’s just great to help the team out to get the win.”

Anthony Cosmo, who blocked 42 out of the 50 shots on goal and faired better than his Rochester counterparts, came up big during Saturday night’s game and also praised his fellow teammates for their perfomance. “..The guys are getting some confidence….playing well. Offensively, defensively – all the way through, right now we’re on a roll and we’re going to keep it going.”

Cosmo also talked about Jamie Rooney and how he feels he’ll fit on the team. “He’s an excellent addition, he’s another threat on that right side. You know, Matty Lyons right now is sitting out and he’s another guy that’ll push Matty Lyons and Matty Lyons will push Rooney…..Rooney gave us a spark as well as an opportinuty to bury goals.”

Next week, the Blazers head to Rochester to play the Knighthawks and Dawson made it known, that it was going to be easy. “Rochester at home is a real tough team and I don’t think that was their best effort tonight….they probably have the most talent in the NLL….We’re just going to have to get back to doing what we do well and that’s working hard and just focusing in on what we can.”

But Rooney has one simple goal for himself and the rest of his team when they head into Rochester this weekend.  “Just win.”

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