OT:What Wrong With Focusing On Your Family?

Prior to last night’s Super Bowl, myself and the rest of America were up in arms over the Pam & Tim Tebow commercial for the group Focus on the Family. After hearing that an anti-abortion group would be running an ad during the Super Bowl, I admit I freaked. Since the commercial wasn’t available at the time, like most people, I assumed the worst. Growing up and being raised in the Catholic Church, I’m quite familiar with the scare tactics and the extremes the anti-abortion supporters use to get their point across. I also did some research on the Focus on the Family organization and some of their views about abortion and gays didn’t jive with me.

So when I saw Pam Tebow start talking prior to the start of the Super Bowl, I instantly got a scowl on my face. But before the end of the commercial, I relaxed the muscles in my face and smiled. That wasn’t bad at all. I will fully admit, I thought it was cute. Hell, I giggled like an ass when I saw Tim take out his Mommy.

In a statement released after the airing of the commercial, N.O.W. President, Terry O’Neil felt it glorified violence against women and “CBS should be ashamed of itself.” While former head of Catholics for Choice, France Kissling, and former president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, Kate Michelman, wrote in the Washington Post opinion piece, they felt the commercial showed a happy, loving family and thought it was “absurd” to think the commercial encouraged violence against women. In their eyes, the commercial put a positive spin on an important & often difficult decision to make. “People want to be inspired, and abortion is as tough and courageous a decision as is the decision to continue a pregnancy.”

Focus on the Family was trying to get you, to do just that – focus on your family. Ok, maybe there was a hidden agenda in there on their website. But if you think about it, that’s what a lot of people, need to do : focus on their family. We all know the divorce rate and we’ve all seen what it does to kids and even if you are in stable relationship and considering how busy people’s schedules are – it was a nice reminded to people what really matters in life.

Maybe I’m dumb or simple-minded, but I’d like to think they didn’t film this commercial with evil intent and ok, if they are promoting a certain way of life – why can’t we be more accepting that everyone is different and move on? It’s just one more reason why acceptance should be taught at a young age.

Now can we please go back to objectifying him? Thanks!

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