Tebow Had A Case Of The Mondays

Oh Timmy, Timmy, Timmy. Monday wasn’t a good day for America’s favorite all-American boy next door turned missionary. During practice for the Under Armor Senior Bowl in Alabama, the chosen one couldn’t throw a ball if his life depended on it.

Russ Lande of the Sport News was able to watch the Gator’s quarterback yesterday and in his report, noted that Tebow was great…up until they started the with the passing drills and that’s when his problems with accuracy started and his confidence started to crumble.

But one rough day on the field isn’t keeping scouts and coaches from the NFL from talking to him. Tebow talked to Sport Illustrated’s Peter King and tried to turn the negative comments into positives, saying that Philip Rivers and Brett Favre  had similar comments about their throwing style that he’s been receiving and they’ve seemed to have done pretty well for themselves. Isn’t he a sweet boy?

So does it matter to the general public that NFL scouts have a laundry list of things he does wrong and why he won’t go first in the draft? Nope.  People love him.  To the majority the general public, he can do know wrong and they follow him around like he’s some guy who can change water into wine. But there are a small group who don’t fall for his Southern boy charm.

Those evil feminists are up in arms over the commercial that Tim and his mother, Pam, will be featured in promoting an anti-abortion stance. CBS, who’s turned down ads from PETA, MOVEON.org and other organizations in the past, feels the ad for Focus on Family fits their guidelines and will run it during the Super Bowl. Because it’s about time CBS got behind curing gays. *shakes head*

It’s ridiculous that CBS is airing this commercial, but won’t consider running an ad to promote a healthy life style by going vegetarian because of it’s sexual content. So I guess we won’t be seeing ads from GoDaddy this year, huh? I know CBS has the right to pick and choose what ads they want to use, but it’s not fair to represent only one side of the spectrum and I know CBS is catering to a certain demo – but is it worth alienating the rest of the viewing public just to make the über Christians happy?

OK, so I know Tebow has nothing to do with Boston and it’s stupid for me to waste my time on writing about him.  But bitch be fine and any excuse for me to showcase him half-naked is fine by me. Suck it. Praise be to Tebus.


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