An Open Letter To The Boston Bruins

From The Desk of Cameron Frye

To The Boston Bruins

25 January 2010

To Whom This May Concern,

As long time fans of the Boston Bruins, we offer our support. No matter how hard the team makes it, we do support them and want to know that there are fans who still love them. Unlike the bandwagoners, we won’t ask you to make crazy moves like getting rid of Tim Thomas or Claude Julien and we won’t turn our back on the team like some people have. We’ve seen what you’ve done to try to stop the bleeding and there have been some glimmer of hopes, but we’d like to offer an idea of how to get the team back to their winning ways.

If we learned anything from the movie Major League, if there’s prize in the end – they’ll do whatever they can to win. Now, as much as they’d like to see their owner naked – we can’t give them that. But we do have something else to offer. After Sunday’s game there’s 9 games till the Olympic break, if on February 13th the Bruins have a winning record (at least 5-4) – we, the women of Beantown Athletic Supporters, will take the Bruins to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner.

Yes, Chuck E. Cheese. We’re talking ballpit, wack-a-mole, skee ball, a man in a mouse suit & pizza. Heck, some sell beer and box wine! So it’s a win-win situation for both parties. Plus, it’s the place where a kid can be a kid and who doesn’t love being silly like a kid? So there you go, winning record equals pizza party paid for by Cameron Frye.

Keep us posted and keep your eye on the prize.

Good luck and continued success!

Cameron Frye

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