The Scalabrine Situation

They said it couldn’t be done and the fans of the Boston Celtics proved them wrong. When online voting stated for the NBA All-Star Game, Toucher & Rich from 98.5 The Sports Hub, made a deal with Celtics center and token white boy, Brian Scalabrine, that if he received 250K votes – he would get a spray tan.

Easier said than done. After a few days there fans were reporting issues with the voting process and some were reporting that their votes for Scal weren’t recorded. The radio duo made many attempts to contact the NBA and to see if those votes were in fact being counted. Many fans thought they did all that work for nothing, but they found out today that it was well worth the effort.

Toucher and Rich announced this morning that they finally got in touch with NBA, the King of the NBA actually, to see how many votes he did received. They were pleased to announced, that Brian Scalabrine received 250, 008 votes and February 25th, he’ll be debuting his new spray tan. For those of you who want to program their DVR’s and record the game, it’s on TNT @ 8pm and the Celtics will be taking on Lebron, Shaq and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers. I wonder if anyone will watch it?

I can only imagine what Scal is going to look like and does a spray tan instantly give you that Rambo-like body that The Situation has? Although, they can airbrush abs on like Mariah did. We’ll post the pictures of Scalabrine’s new look after the game.

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