The Winter Classic….According to Cameron Frye

This what the money we dropped on Lansdowne Street bought us...

Other than me raspy, tranny like voice – I’m fully recovered from The Winter Classic. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully explain how amazing of an experience it was. It’s one thing to watch it on tv, but to be there is another thing. 

@Lucichick & I completely lucked out. Yeah, we paid a lot for our tickets(don’t ask) – but our seats were amazing! We pretty much had the perfect view of the rink! I don’t think I would have done it differently. If you saw me after the game or as the people I met up with afterwards can attest to, I was floating! I think that’s the only way to describe how happy I was. I just wish you could have experiences it in person. If you’d like to see the rest of my pictures – go here or go behind the cut to read about my take on the Winter Classic. 

The pomp & circumstances prior to the game were great. Although, after hearing rumors that the Boys Scouts & Girl Scouts got kicked to the curb after the opening ceremony, I’m  bummed they didn’t get to stay and watch the game. Way to shit on little kids, Bettman! As for the dopes from Philly who complained about the Dropkicks playing, ‘The most OVER PLAYED song ever!’ – when the Classic is there, we’ll have Ween perform ‘Freedom of ’76’ ok? Or would you rather Bruce come and sing ‘Streets of Philadelphia’? There’s a happy ditty, you miserable bastards. The viewing audience missed out on most of the opening ceremony(I’m sure the DVD will have it. Well, providing they release one!) and I’m probably I’m going to get yelled at for this – but I enjoyed James Taylor’s rendition of the Nation Anthem. I will always have a special place in my heart for Rene Rancourt – I heart the fist pump! But I thought Sweet Baby James did a great job and I’ll admit it,  I got a little misty eyed during it all. Maybe it was the moment or the booze, but I got emotional during it all. 

As for the game itself, I can see why some would say it was ‘boring’. But honestly, I’d much rather see a nail biter than some blow out. Plus, considering how the Bruins seem to love pulling out these dramatic wins – did you expect anything less from them? As for Philly fans complaining there were too many players on the ice – go fuck yourself. You lost, get over it and stop making excuses. 

And speaking of making excuses, can someone tell Daniel Carcillo to stop spreading lies. By the way, I still think Carcillo lucked out. There was no take down, Thornton just lost his footing.  I’m sure Shawn will make up for it next time the Bruins play the Flyers. 

He smelled like beef & cheese....

 Speaking of douche bags, this was the asshat who proceeded to lift all of the free stuff from people’s seats prior to them arriving. Classy, huh? He was an annoying bag of shit during the entire game and couldn’t get out of Fenway fast enough after Marco Sturm scored the winning goal. It was amusing when he called me ‘an arrogant bitch’. AND? Please! My Mom has called me worse. She’s even dropped the C bomb when describing me, so it’s going to take more than that to get to under my skin and make this fat girl cry. Go back to Philly and build another statue to a fictional character, jackass. You honestly think I’m going to let you come into ‘my house’ and talk to me like that? Go screw! How I didn’t get into a fight is beyond me and I’m sure @Lucichick will never want to go out in public with me EVER again. haha 

Now, usually, I don’t sing Sweet Caroline at Red Sox games. It just reminds me of everything that is wrong with the Red Sox. But I don’t know why, but it felt right singing it. Ugh. I’m geek or maybe a drunk but I’ve sung that stupid song happier than I did on New Year’s Day. Plus, it seemed to have worked or that’s what Marc Savard is saying! 

Before the game started, Tom Werner walked up my row and I had to stop him and say ‘thank you’. The Red Sox, Bruins & NHL will never how much organizing all this really meant to the fans. So thank you, thank you, thank you! Can we do it again next year? 

Speaking of next year and I know the Caps fans are chirping about getting the next one, but I’d rather see a Leafs/Habs game. The Winter Classic should be about the fans. In my humble opinion, I think it would be lost with the Caps in it, well, scratch that – if Ovechkin would be in it. It wouldn’t be about the game, it would be about him. So give Canada a chance, Gary. Please?

EDIT: I’m sure there’s tons I’m forgetting. But the whole afternoon was insanely overwhelming.


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3 thoughts on “The Winter Classic….According to Cameron Frye

  1. wrap around curl January 4, 2010 at 10:15 pm Reply

    It looks like it was truly amazing.

  2. kelly January 4, 2010 at 11:44 pm Reply

    You summed it up perfectly. It was an amazing experience and so glad you were as determined to not miss it. Oh..the asshat in the Eagle shirt *snickers* sorry that was the best!

  3. KofC January 5, 2010 at 1:15 am Reply

    I’m so glad you made it and had a good time! And that the Bruins won, obviously.

    I agree about having it in Canada next, or at least having a Canadian team.

    People should definitely check out your photo set, you got a lot there. Thanks for adding me on Flickr–I have around 500 followers on there but like 5 who are interested when I post my hockey photos. Maybe now it’ll be 6!

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