Damn The Man! Save The Sandbox!

SO if you haven’t heard already, WFNX is going thru some changes and decided to let go two members of their successful morning show, The Sandbox. After a revolving door of morning shows over the years, ‘FNX had finally found one that clicked with its audience and they decided to fuck up a great thing they had going. The new morning show will consist of FNX Program Director, Keith Dankin, FNX Living Legend & Super’Fro owner, Henry Santoro and Fletcher from The Sandbox. No offense to Mr. Dankin & Harvey Firestein voice, but it’s not the same.

The new lineup, which will start Tuesday morning(1/6/2010), was announced on FMBQ and have caused quite an uproar with the fans of the show. The fans voiced their outrage via twitter & emails to the station and few have already started a movement to get Charlie & Special Ed‘s jobs back . Some have also called for a boycott of FNX. *flips on my XM radio*

Personally, I was shocked this morning when I heard the news and really upset by the decision of management. If it wasn’t for The Sandbox we wouldn’t know about the Kraken(and how it doesn’t seem to like ESPN’s Chris Forsberg), we wouldn’t know the importance of 45 or how to prevent a fatty liver or why they call Boston Bruin, Andrew Firefly Ference, ‘The Package’. The Sandbox clicked with the fans, they were loyal to the fans and the fans appreciated that the most.

Shit, do you know how much free advertising they gave my ass? Do you know how many people tell me they found out about me because of The Sandbox? If it wasn’t for The Sandbox, I wouldn’t have my title – ‘Super Blogger, Cameron Frye'(Thanks, Charlie!) and I’d just be some obnoxious,mouthy broad who blogs about hockey & tweets about pedos. Thanks for everything, boys. I mean it.

If you’re interested in following what’s going on,you can add the Sandboxers Unite! Bring Back The Sandbox page on Facebook or follow SaveTheSandbox on Twitter. I’ll keep you updated and Save The Sandbox!


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2 thoughts on “Damn The Man! Save The Sandbox!

  1. Black Devil Magilla January 6, 2010 at 9:31 pm Reply

    Nice blog … keep blogging about it! We are determined to bring The Sandbox and Big Jim back!

  2. Jimmy January 7, 2010 at 4:11 am Reply

    an awful decision that they will regret forever

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