2010 Winter Classic: A Fan’s Review

Winter Classic Image from CharlieOnTheRadio on Flickr

@ComicGirl8 is back and she wants to share with you her thoughts on the Winter Classic that just occurred. I’ll be posting later on about the game….I’ve finally recover somewhat. haha If you want, comment on what you thought of the Winter Classic and who do you think should be showcased next time around! – Cameron Frye

I, sadly, did not attend the Winter Classic. In the words of my favorite hockey player, “It wasn’t meant to be”. However, since the same game that was played at Fenway; was also on my tv, here’s my two cents.The Highs!

1)      The Bruins Win! Not only did my boys win, but they came back in spectacular, edge of your seat, nail-biting fashion!

2)      The Fans: I can only imagine how loud the crowd was at Fenway. But from what I could hear on over the tv, the cheering was deafening!

3)      The weather: Mother Nature is a Bruins fan!

4)      Bobby Orr: How amazing was it to see Bobby Orr lead the Bruins onto the ice! There have been MANY great hockey players in the history of the NHL, but in my personal opinion, Bobby Orr is the greatest. He loves Boston, he loves the Bruins and he loves the fans. You can’t get any classier than Bobby Orr.

5)      Milan Lucic: (Like you all didn’t see this coming!) I don’t know to what degree it stipulates in Lucic’s contract how much promotion he has to do for the Bruins; (The Bruins seem to be having too much fun reminding Marc Savard that they own him for the rest of his career) but Looch was everywhere leading up to this game! In New York City, on the radio, on tv, and involved with every raffle Celebrities For Charity could come up with. Looch could have easily sat off to the side, rehabilitated, and let his teammates do all the work; but he kept it positive and enjoyed every minute of it. I mean, we’ve all seen the Total Temperature Control ad, Milan isn’t going to win a ‘Best Actor’ Oscar; so I believe his enthusiasm is sincere. It should also be noted that I’m positive Mark Stuart would have been out doing the same type of promotion, but his injury, broken sternum, is a little bit harder to move around with.

The Middle Ground:

1)      The Flyers Goal: Did Thomas make a mistake by losing his cool hitting Hartnell, of course! However, it’s Thomas! You remember, the guy from last season who plays with a lot of passion (just ask Steve Avery!) and always defending himself and the net. The same guy that everyone loved last season and now, because of a few bad games, there’s a lynch mob ready to get him. If we had lost the game because of this goal, it would have been an awful shame, because all the blame would be on Thomas. Not the rest of the team, for not getting any goals in the Flyers net. Thomas made some spectacular saves yesterday, and he apologized for his short temper. We won the game; let it go Thomas-haters!

2)      The Sturm’s game winning goal: Did we have too many men on the ice? Maybe. However, since three of them weren’t going after the puck, I’m glad it didn’t get called. Let it go Flyer fans!

3)      The Fight: Or the ‘fight’ as Daniel Carcillo is calling it. I don’t know if it was staged, I’d like to think it wasn’t. But then again, I’ve seen Shawn Thornton fight better than he did yesterday. Oh, and Carcillo, you might want to rethink taunting the Bruins fans, with those punching bags called Flyers fans sitting in the stands.

4)      Sweet Caroline: I’m surprised at the heated debate about this! If this game was played at Foxboro, and the song broke out, then I could see people getting upset. It’s Fenway! You sing Sweet Caroline! It’s as simple as that.

The Lows:

1)      James Taylor: OK, let’s assume that the powers that be asked Rene Rancourt to perform the National Anthem at the Winter Classic and he turned them down. Of ALL the great Boston musicians ever to grace a stage, the NHL went with James Taylor?!?!?!!? I ‘like’ James Taylor, but this was a HOCKEY game, not my Grandmother’s Canasta Tournament! Plus, The Dropkick Murphy’s were right there! You could have saved yourself a paycheck NHL, and asked them!

1.5) James Taylor singing the National Anthem, with a guitar: ‘Oh say can youZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

2) OH Canada: I know this was a nationalized game, shown in two countries and that 80% of the players on the ice are from Canada; but this was still a ‘regular season’ game. There was no need for ‘Oh Canada’ to be sung; unless it’s by Little Richard, in Alaska.

Other than that, the game was awesome! Yeah, I would have liked more goals from the Bruins, but a win is a win! 



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One thought on “2010 Winter Classic: A Fan’s Review

  1. sweetcaroline04 January 4, 2010 at 6:49 pm Reply

    Clearly, I approved of the singing of Sweet Caroline, and am constantly pointing out that the Bs rallied after it was sung 🙂

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