Looch-Watch ’09!

Milan Lucic in his natural habitat.

 The Bruins may have lost last night, but Looch-Watch continues. Got word from a few of the ladies on Twitter that Milan was in Wilmington, ComicGirl8 submitted this report! 

I didn’t know the Bruins practice was cancelled in Wilmington today, until I got there. My friend Colleen and I were informed by some skinny woman, whose husband “saw it on Twitter. I’m not lying!” This was the same woman who earlier, grilled me on the ins and outs of Ristuccia. I should be paid by the Bruins, to give out all this info to the newbies. However I saw Milan Lucic arrive to the rink, so I knew someone was going to use the ice. 

Needless to say, Wilmo was pretty busy, with about 50 people showing up; mostly kids who were on school vacation. Most of whom left before the practice ended. 

Milan Lucic practiced alone, with Coach Doug Houda. Houda put Looch through the typical skating and stick handling drills, and from my completely uneducated opinion, Lucic looked great. He seemed to have a lot of movement on his left leg and his stick handling has improved greatly. 

About half way through the practice, Mark Stuart made an appearance, at the far end of the rink. He was dressed this time, so I can’t comment on his balls. He spoke with Looch for a few minutes, and then disappeared. 

However, after practice had ended, and I stood out in the unbelievable cold for 25 minutes, I learned the sad truth. 

Milan Lucic: (after I waved to him) How are you? 

Comicgirl8: Cold! How are you feeling? 

ML: Pretty good. 

 C8: Are you going to be ready to play on Friday? 

ML: No, it’s still not 100% healed yet. I’ll probably be out another 7 to 10 days. 

I wished Milan a Happy New Year, and he smiled and said “Same to you.” And then drove off. By now, I was so frozen, all I could do was, sadly, leave as well. 

So no Looch on Friday. I’m not that surprised. I mean, we all kind of knew he wouldn’t be playing.  I just think we wanted to admit it. *Le Sigh*

 – ComicGirl8 (Thanks for the report!)


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2 thoughts on “Looch-Watch ’09!

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  2. toni December 29, 2009 at 10:37 pm Reply

    NOOOOOO! HE MUST COME BACK! this ledgit depresses me. why couldnt all of this bad injury shit have happened next year? not when the winter classic AND THE OLYPMICS IN HIS HOMETOWN come along. sometimes i hate the hockey gods.

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