House of Style with Mark Stuart

Much to the dismay of many people, Mark Stuart is still recovering from a broken sternum and more than likely not be participating in this years Winter Classic. The iron man, who many of us thought could give Cal Ripken a run for his money, isn’t as strong as we thought he was. *sob*

So while the Bruins are in Florida playing, we couldn’t help but wonder what Stuey has been up to. Now I’m sure he’s doing whatever he can to occupy himself during his time away from the ice, from reading to playing video games. Heck, we know he was freeballin’ in Wilmington – but I’d like to think he’s making some time for fashion.

We know the lad is a Ben Sherman fan and much like his European teammates, a fan of tight pants. But I didn’t know he was graduate from the Sonny Crockett School of Style. 

Yes, Mark is desperately trying to keep the flashy suit & shoes with no socks look that Don Johnson pioneered going. I wonder if Mark lives on a houseboat with his pet alligator, Elvis and if we was married to a pop star played by Sheena Easton? Finally a reason to link ‘STRUT’!

While we’re dropping Miami Vice references, can we talk about ‘Tubbs’ in the picture. Ok, we’ve covered the face to protect the innocent. But did homeboy have an accident? Major fashion faux pas and I don’t think club soda or a Tide pen is going to help that bitch. Although, the dude could have made cummsies. I mean, Mark is a handsome devil. You never know….

Whatever Mark is doing, we wish him a speedy recovery. Hopefully he’s not remaking this. Don’t mess with greatness, son!


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