Holiday Message From Cameron Frye….

So this time last year, I was in a shitty mood. Granted, it was for obvious reasons – but no need to go into that! But what a difference a year makes.

I just wanted to thank everyone for reading my drivel and supporting me. I really appreciate it.  It’s shocking, it’s even more shocking that some of you seem to actually like it and come back for more. What’s wrong with you?

I’d also like to take this time and thank the people who supposedly hate me and talk crap about me. Thanks for the free publicity. You rock! It feels my hear that you would actually take that much time out of your day to talk about me. I’d tussle you hair, like the scamps that you are, if I had the chance.

Anyways! So what can you expect in 2010? Well, the addition of SweetCaroline04 is just the tip of the iceberg and much like the Love Boat, it’ll be exciting & new . I don’t want to go into the specifics, but a ‘Justice League’ of female bloggers is being organized and I see nothing but good things to come. I’ve tried doing this before and I think with the group I have now – it could work. It could also blow up in my face, but that’s the risk you take working with broads.

So once again, thanks for everything and hopefully Santa or Hanukkah Harry have you covered. Happy Holidays(but you know I really mean Merry Christmas.). Oh yeah, Phil Kessel is a douche.


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One thought on “Holiday Message From Cameron Frye….

  1. kelly December 23, 2009 at 8:18 pm Reply

    Happy Holidays you as well, lady and thank you for my favorite blog.

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