Bruins Practice Log 12/22/09

Even after last night’s 2-0 victory in Ottawa against the Senators, the Bruins were back in Boston this morning and ready for practice.  The team had a bit of a late start, allowing injured forward Milan Lucic to take the ice.  Lucic skated with assistant coach John Whitesides for about 15 minutes; doing fast laps and stick-handling/passing drills. He bounced a lot of shots off the glass, which were received by shrieks from the fangirl troupe huddled near the doors.  Note: hockey is loud, keep this in mind before coming to Ristuccia.  It is also cold, so stop whining loudly about how the heat’s not working.

Lucic left the ice, and in the lull before the regular practice, Tim Thomas strolled by me, decked out in tight Under Armor and gym shorts.  The Starbucks barista in me noticed that he was drinking generic coffee.  For shame, Timmy.  He made up for it by wishing me a Merry Christmas.

Also spotted was Vladimir Sobotka, rocking a taped up right lower-thigh and workout gear.  As you will recall, Sobotka took a Chara shot to the leg and left the ice for part of last night’s game.  Mark Stuart was also wandering around off ice, which pleased me greatly.  Not only because I like the defenseman, but because his shorts were very, umm, flattering in the crotchal region, and he seemed to know it, the way he was parading himself around the arena.  He and Sobotka appeared to be doing off-ice workouts, and contrary to other reports, they were both in attendance.

The rest of the team took to the ice about a half hour later than scheduled, wearing their Winter Classic pants and helmets.  The pants are dark brown with a gold stripe down the leg, and apparently Johnny Boychuk’s were too big, as he had to drop his gloves to tighten and readjust himself.

Practice consisted mostly of game situation drills.  They all looked pretty confusing to me, but one in particular even tripped up the players.  Luckily, they all found their confusion hilarious.  The offensive lines were pretty messed up, due to absences, but it worked out well in the end.

Other observations worth noting: Dennis Wideman did not fall.  Adam Wozniewski almost did.  The Bruins began practice by shooting on a child-size two-foot high goal with Tuukka Rask defending.  I’m not sure what purpose this served, but it was pretty comical to watch.  Sobotka, Stuart, Derek Morris, and Michael Ryder were missing from the on-ice festivities.  And the fangirl squad ended up leaving before the team even came out. *** By @SweetCaroline04

Milan Lucic takes to the ice


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3 thoughts on “Bruins Practice Log 12/22/09

  1. Kathi December 22, 2009 at 10:44 pm Reply

    Yeah, they sound like they put the ‘fan’ in fangirls! Who doesn’t stay and see the players leave! It’s the best part, after they stretch on the ice!! 😉
    Hopefully I’ll be going next week!

  2. sconnors37 December 23, 2009 at 5:10 am Reply


    Also the fangirl in me (she’s very quiet and subdued, most of the time!) highly approved of the crotchal region of Stuey’s shorts. Yum. 😀 😀

  3. Char December 23, 2009 at 6:09 am Reply

    Excellent report! A+++++!

    Keep ’em coming! I’d like to go to more practices, but it’s just too far for me, alas.

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