Punching The Princess of Poughkeepsie

The last time I was this happy for Thursday was in college, when I’d spend the night drinking dollar drafts at Mary Ann’s in Cleveland Circle and going home with random dudes from Boston College. 

Now while most people use to consider NBC’s old line up ‘Must See TV’, I did not and there hasn’t been a good Thursday night show in quite sometime. Until a couple weeks ago when MTV premiered the wunderkind that is, Jersey Shore. 

The minute I saw The Situation’s abs, Vinny’s fist pumping pit stains and Snooki’s poof – I knew I was in love. But like most relationships, the honeymoon period doesn’t last forever and some point, you’re bound to get annoyed with one and other. My annoyance with the Jersey Shore – scratch that – MTV, is their handling of  ‘The Punch’

Words hurt, sir.

If you remember back in the late 90’s during The Real World Seattle, MTV aired, what was later dubbed, ‘The Slap That Was Heard Around The World’. After alienating herself from her roommates, having a break down and losing her battle with lyme disease(no…seriously), Irene decided she would leave the bubble. On her way out of the house, Irene pulled Stephen aside and called him out for being a homosexual(Stephen would later be arrest for prostitution not once, but twice – girl had some good gaydar.). To get back at Irene, Stephen first threw her stuffed animal into the bay. When that wasn’t enough, he raced to her car, yanked the door open and smacked her. 

MTV received a lot of flack for airing it, but people tuned in like crazy to see it. They hit the lottery. Cut to almost 12 years later, while the self-proclaimed ‘Princess Of Poughkeepsie’ is getting layed out by piece of shit and gym teacher, Brad Ferro. People freaked when they saw the wood nymph sized girl take a punch that would make most men fall to the ground, but they couldn’t wait to see what cause everything to transpire. 

After weeks of being able to see the punch in previews and on blogs everywhere, MTV buckled and decided to pull the punch from the show. This is where I get punchy. 

I, by no means, am condoning violence against women. I think if you punch or smack or physically harm a woman – you’re a piece of shit and should be thrown away with the trash. My problem is with MTV. MTV knew full well, they weren’t going to air the punch. But they knew they were sitting on a goldmine. Yeah, some advertisers would pull and they’d get a few angry letters – but the ratings would be through the roof and there would be five other advertisers willing to take over where the others left off. It’s a smart business move, but I still think it’s scummy of them to use it to their advantage and to be honest, I’m pissed that fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book.

But at the end of the day, I’m hypocrite. If I was so offended, I wouldn’t watch, right? Wrong. You know I will and I know you will too. So I’ll bring the pizza, you bring the hair gel and let’s talk about The Situation tonight.


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2 thoughts on “Punching The Princess of Poughkeepsie

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  2. G December 17, 2009 at 5:35 pm Reply

    Agreed on all counts. As a business woman I understand that MTV is out there to make money and gain viewers, but as a woman the whole situation (need a new word for it) horrifies me. Brad Ferro is a POS and I’m glad that everyone knows his ugly face and name. MTV hasn’t been afraid of controversy, and has editing skills that other networks would kill for (really, that’s all what their shows boil down to), and obviously this moment in Jersey Shore is no exception. I agree that I think MTV had it planned where they wouldn’t air it. They knew people would be outraged. I remember watching when Stephen slapped Irene, and it was shocking. I remember thinking that I hated him for hiting her and that I hated him even more when he gloated about it and I hated the cast for keeping him on the show >:[

    I’m still going to watch the show and I’m going to watch tonight’s episode as well. As much as I hate what happened to Snookie, it’s all a part of the show. It’s not like they hired they guy, and forced him to punch her, he did it on his own accord (AND OH MY GOD RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE IF THEY DID HIRE HIM). And unfortunately, that’s probably one of the only absolutely real moments the show is going to have. MTV saw dollar signs the moment it happened. Would I be watching the show if MTV never aired the punch in the first place and left us all in the dark until some kind of “Never Before Seen Footage” type episode aired? Yes, of course, it’s a train wreck no matter what and that’s the appeal of it, plain and simple. Some people think it’s okay to hit women, and a lot of people think he was justified in hitting her and that she had it coming. Hopefully, at least, one mind might change and realize that violence never does anything but make everything worse (or make money for major cable networks) and that no one ever has it coming, especially not like that.

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