Vote For Your Favorite Firefly Ference

So as I’ve mentioned before, the guys on The Sandbox on WFNX want to sell Andrew ‘Firefly’ Ference t-shirts. Now we’ve all seen the original piece of artwork that Special Ed came up with.

Now personally, I think it’s a work of art and the ‘Thug Life’-esque Owl City tattoo is what makes the picture a classic. Well, Fancy Pants Ference wasn’t a fan and felt it was too femme.

Cut to this morning and Special Ed just released the latest picture of the proposed Firefly Ference t-shirt.

Now, here’s my only issue with the new one. Andy either has elephantiasis of the nuts OR he has a colostomy bag.

So which one would you buy?


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One thought on “Vote For Your Favorite Firefly Ference

  1. Special Ed December 14, 2009 at 4:16 pm Reply

    It’s not a ballbag, it is his glowing firefly tush! All fireflies have them. Durrrr…

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