Ok, so like any narcissist, I check my stats on a obsessive basis. Usually it’s the same people looking at my blog and every once & while you get a good one. Like whenever I talk about Phil Kessel, the Leafs organization seems to visit(if you’re reading this – hook a sistah up?).

But this by far, is the best visitor EVER:

Words hurt more than guns....

The Nation Rifle Association is reading CameronFrye.com . As someone who would love to own a gun, I’m honored and would love to be a member.


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One thought on ““…FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!”

  1. Punch In The Face November 29, 2009 at 10:43 am Reply

    I’m sure those scribbled out windows are dirty pictures of Tim Tebow. I’m utterly disgusted in you.

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