So last night while watching the Bruins beat the Penguins, myself and my fellow tweeter, Mike Wendt, were discussing the awful coverage on Versus. I mean, when one of your commentators can’t get a grasp on his thoughts and says it’s Tim Thomas’s  first night in-goal ever – we’ve got a problem.

While going back and forth, we did agree there was key piece missing last night and that piece was Jack Edwards. Let’s face it, the man has a way with words. We’ve all uttered those catch phrased and love hearing what he comes up with next. The man is the epitome of a professional. But evidently, Versus didn’t get the memo.

But we figured, if we can’t have Jack on Versus – why not on Twitter? Who better to get the Bruins twitter fan base ready for a game or give us the inside scoop better than Jack Edwards. So with that,  #GetJackEdwardsOnTwitter started!

The #GetJackEdwardsOnTwitter movement is growing! The fans quickly retweeted and agreed with us. Now Chris from HubHockey has joined the movement – look for #GetJackEdwardsOnTwitter posters at the next game and even Puck Daddy wants to see Jack on Twitter.

So if you’re on Twitter & you want Jack like the rest of us do, retweeet  #GetJackEdwardsOnTwitter and tell @NESNcom to #GetJackEdwardsOnTwitter !!!


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  1. It’s Thursday Linkage November 12, 2009 at 6:33 pm Reply

    […] Frye is spearheading a campaign to get NESN’s Jack Edwards on Twitter. You go, […]

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