‘Evil’ Patrice Bergeron is actually GOOD!

So while I watching the game last night, I noticed Patrice Bergeron was rocking some facial hair.

evil patrice

Free Mustache Ride With Every Patrice Bergeron Bruins Jersey Purchase!

At first, I thought he was doing his best Jackie Earle Haley impersonation and I kind of hated his freshly grown fu-manchu. But as the period progressed, I fell in love with the ‘Evil’ Patrice Bergeron look.  Mind you, the only reason I’m calling him ‘Evil’ Patrice is because whenever a character had an evil twin on a tv show, like Star Trek, they just tossed a goatee on and boom! Evil.

Swine Free Flu, Ladies!

But after discussing Bergy’s look with some of the ladies on Twitter, BTripp715 found out the reason behind the beard. Matt Kalman of ESPNBoston revealed that Bergeron is growing his beard to promote men’s health as part of the Movemeber Foundation. It’s a great cause and I think more people should get involved and support the Movember Movement! I will say this, if the mustache helps Bergy scores some goals – maybe the rest of the Bruins should throw out their razors!

If you’d like to join the Movember Movement:click here!

Ted Sheckler has joined the ‘Movement’ and so should you!

ted sheckler

Ted & his mustache will protect you from the demons that come to drag you away!


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One thought on “‘Evil’ Patrice Bergeron is actually GOOD!

  1. ScottyWazz November 6, 2009 at 5:50 pm Reply

    Yes, Cameron– head to Theodore’s Mustache Grooming Emporium at TheodoresMustacheGroomingEmporium.edu because Cyber Squatters have taken .com and .net!!


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