Strap in, folks!

The Bruins(5-4-1  11pts) continued their win one, lose one-act in Ottawa Saturday night,  when they beat the Sens in overtime, 4-3. The Bruins won’t hit the ice again until Thursday night, when they play Kevin Smith’s beloved New Jersey Devils who are 6-3-0 with 12 points.  Thursday night is the beginning of a long two weeks for the black & gold. Have you looked at the schedule?

Oct 29 Devils(6-3-0 12pts)

Oct 31 Oilers(6-4-1 13pts)

Nov 1 @ Rangers(7-3-1 15pts)

Nov 3 @ Red Wings(3-4-2- 8pts)

Nov 5  Habs(5-5-0 10pts)

Nov 7 Sabres(6-1-1 13pts)

Nov 10 Penguins(9-2-0 18pts)

Nov 12 Panthers(2-6-1 5pts)

Nov 14 @ Penguins(9-2-0 18pts)

Yeesh! I won’t lie – I’m nervous. But I’m not about to jump ship like some bloggers in Boston.  There are a few games in the schedule that could be easy wins for the B’s – but nothing has been easy for this team so far(Need I remind you of that Florida trip last season….). But hopefully the B’s can build off the momentum of that win Saturday night and dare I say, win two or more in a row.  Weird, I know.

C’mon boys, you can do it!


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