Why Ladies Love Hockey Part 2

womens hockeyLast week we heard from a couple of Habs fans, Sarah Spain & Bruins die-hard loved Hockey. This week, we hear from Curl from WrapAroundCurl & creator of Mustache Monday, Caite who’s a Bruins super fan & author of Loochness MonsterSarah who’s from Oakland who loves the Sharks and who likes to reminds me daily how she hates Corey Perry (stop lying) and Ashley, a die hard Toronto fan who bleeds blue and white. I know this because she told me and threaten my life if I didn’t write that.

You can find part one here, look for part three after Labor Day weekend! Enjoy!

Curl from WrapAroundCurl

1. Sean Avery

 I adore hockey because of Sean mothereffing Avery. I love that he refuses to be a traditional player and instead interns at Vogue and has pairs of Yves St Laurent hi tops. Aves isn’t even that good looking but he is sure charming. He goes to fashion shows and sits with Winona Ryder and Martha Stewart. He’s savvy and a calculating man. Basically, he’s what I expect out of an episode of Footballers Wive$; high drama, brief nudity and a killer wardrobe. He’s entertaining. And I like to think he’d make a good theoretical boyfriend based on his taste in designers.

2. Jerseys

 If I had it my way, I’d just wear hockey jerseys all the time and occasionally pants. Jerseys are just warm and comforting. I like them big enough that I can wear a hoodie underneath. I’m excited that the weather is starting to change; it’s getting darker earlier and cooling off some which means it’s almost time for hockey all over again. I look at my closet with my jerseys hanging up, waiting for the chance to pull them out and start wearing them again. I love the pride people have for their sweaters, and wearing their colors proudly in rival territory and enduring hurled insults. Or just in a bar watching the away games, wincing over the defense hanging the goalie out to dry. I know the agonizing process of deciding which player is worth to be worn. Then there are the superstitions about washing the jerseys and all other sorts of madness. Most of all, it’s the familiarity of the jersey. It feels like home.

3. Non nuclear families

The thing about hockey fans, given our psychotic nature we tend to associate with other fellow psychotics. My hockey family is made up of an amazing group who is totally ok with going out after a game and rehashing it all. We agonize over line combinations, the status of injuries and the performances of division rivals. We send each other Christmas cards, bake cookies and celebrate birthdays. And almost always the theme is hockey. There is a wonderful amount of love that springs from the arena. Strangers meets because of the game and by half way through the second, they are no longer a stranger. One of my favorite hockey stories is how my mother always went to hockey games. Even when she was pregnant with me, she still went to games. After I was born, I peacefully slept through the games wrapped in a blanket that some season ticket holders who sat next to her made for me. I still have the blanket.

4. The Zen

 By no means am I religious person. I tried it out for a bit and it never really worked for me when I was told Ouija boards and horoscopes were evil. But I can take solace in a hockey game. My whole world may be going to hell, but at a game I am ok. I step out of myself and I just watch the game. It’s my meditation. I have habits and rituals for games, such as reading the program in a specific order. I scream at those who aren’t waiting for the whistle to leave their seats as they have interrupted my trance. The game is like mass in its own way. There is repenting for sins and trying to overcome evil. A game can fill one with hope and joy or sadness and despair just like any sermon. My arena is my church.

5. The WHL

As a dame in the Pacific Northwest, the bulk of the hockey I have here is the Western Hockey League. I am mostly stranded from any professional team and I think I like it better that way. I have my little team made up mostly of 17 year olds just playing because they love the game so much. They aren’t spoiled and jaded young gun millionaires. Instead they are my precious woodland nymphs, who are supremely talented. Some real gems of come out of this league and more talent is on the way. The dedication of WHL fans is amazing. Many driving in blizzards for away games late at night and convoying for weekend roadtrips. They come wielding cowbells and plastic horns, painted faces and waving banners, determined to make their presence known in various coliseums. All for some scrappy unknowns who might not ever be fortunate enough to even touch NHL ice. The fans follow the players long after their junior careers and kiddos treasure autographed pucks and game programs. We take our junior hockey very seriously.

Caitie from Loochness Monster

1. The first time during a season when I walk into the Garden.

I was a late bloomer when it came to watching hockey. My family never followed sports so it was two of my friends that introduced me to the Boston Bruins. When I was 17, I went to my first Bruins game. After I climbed up the stairs to the lobby area, I felt a bit of a chill. So when my friends and I first stepped foot in the balcony area, my breath was taken away. It’s a kind of cold that you have to experience yourself. So every year after that, when I go to my first game of the season, I take a moment to let the chill set in.

2. Thursday nights at the Garden

“Thursday night is Student Night.” What that really means is college kids getting a discount ticket for a specific balcony section and drinking cups and cups of beer until a “Let’s Go Bruins!” chant starts to get a little sloppy. Add in a rivalry game and you got yourself one rowdy balcony section. Families with small children are advised to not sit in those areas. Don’t want to teach your kids any of those nasty four-letter words, do ya?

3. Jack Edwards

You either hate him with a fiery burning passion or love him. I love him. He is insane and can come up with the most ridiculous quotes on a moment’s notice. Some complain and say that he should just be a play-by-play guy; don’t add in any of those stupid comments and just call the game. Screw that. I love watching games on NESN just to see what he’s going to say next. He’s a homer and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The guy has a damn Bingo game dedicated to him! Let’s see the stiffs on Versus try to keep their viewers glued to the TV for 2.5 hours.

4. The history

From the players of seasons past to the goals that everyone remembers to the rivalries that have simmered and stewed over years of bitterness, this team is chock full of history. Bobby Orr, Ray Bourque, Gerry Cheevers, Phil Esposito, Milt Schmidt, Terry O’Reilly. The list can go on forever. Some recent history has turned some fans away (I see you, bandwagoners) but they are coming back.

5. The Big Bad Bruins

I give props to the Bruins of years past for giving this team the image of being hard to play against. Recently, this nickname has resurrected and it’s very fitting. The team from last season had one of the best rosters I’ve seen in a while. They were tough. Just go to YouTube and search “Bruins Stars Highlights.” I feel like that was the game that really set the tone for the whole season. They weren’t selfish. They never put themselves before the team. If a teammate was getting roughed up by an opponent, someone came over to tell them, “Don’t mess with us.” Yes, they had muscle but they also had talent. I really hope to see more of that style of play in the upcoming season. It made the league take notice and realize that the Bruins were not going to be pushed around anymore. Call me a homer (or maybe a dreamer) but this team is going far.

Sarah, representing the West side

1. Variability

Ok, so that is kind of an on-ice reason. Hockey is both physical and precise. With hockey, no game is the same as the other. Your team could dominate scoring one night, and throw nasty checks all the next night. The beauty of that balance is immediately obvious when watching one of those teams that has only one real style. Boring. And, while there were years when the sport was ruled by “dynasties,” thankfully that hasn’t really been the case in the last 20 years or so. There are elite teams for sure, but the championship goes to the team that is the last standing, not just the most traditionally “skilled.” The game is so much more than just skill: size, strength, talent, determination, effort, health, luck. It keeps things new. And fresh. And exciting.

2.  Exclusivity

It goes against conventional wisdom that you like a sport you’ve been around and play growing up, but I like hockey because it is unique and a little bit, for lack of a better word, exclusive. Being a Californian, baseball, football, and basketball were ubiquitous. They were activities that you fell into or did because everyone else was doing it.  But those who played hockey didn’t just stay after school and practice; they had to get up butt-ass early in the morning and drive long distances to available rinks. It was a real effort to play. It was important to them and the passion showed. Same with fans. When I started following hockey, before the Internet, it was hard to follow the sport. But it felt good to have something to look for, not just forward to. And I appreciated it that much more.

3.  History and Tradition

Ice hockey may be a new comer in the world of sports, but the NHL is rather old and chalked full of tradition.  Oddly named conferences, trophies named after people know one knows about, hats and octopi thrown on the ice… those aren’t detractions, those are attractions! Like the “exclusivity” mentioned earlier, it’s nice to feel like a part of a special club when you finally learn who Lester Patrick was or why the Stanley Cup shouldn’t be touched.

4.  Relatibility

It’s talked about to the point of being cliché, but hockey players are different. Sure, there are prima donnas and blowhards, but for the most part, hockey players are kind of “regular guys.” Regular guys with consultants, agents, and millions of dollars, but still pretty regular. Some are hilarious characters, some are dumb jocks, some are quiet and soft-spoken, but no matter the personality, most are guys who are just like those you hang out with or have known.

5.  Sidney Crosby’s ass

Really. It’s beautiful. Most hockey player’s bodies are fabulous. Yeah, you rarely see them, but they are remarkable. Not overly muscled and gross like Terrell Owens, but certainly not like his defensiveness line, either. And it’s mostly lower body awesomeness.  A sculpted chest is pretty to look at, but a good butt and strong thighs… that’s pretty to think about.

P.S. This was really hard to do without just saying “Vincent Lecavalier,” “Kris Letang,” “Brad Richards,” “Mathieu Schneider,” and “Sidney Crosby’s ass.” I have very, very odd taste in men.

Ashley, Rabid Candian Hockey Fan

1. I’m Canadian, it’s in my DNA. We invented doggy style to watch the games

2. There is nothing sexier and hotter than watching hot men getting slammed into the glass. Actually, hot men with playoff beards!

3. Goalies. Have you seen some of their acrobatic moves to make saves? Now picture that in bed 😀

4. Throwing down. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the hockey fights. They’re great, and unlike any other sport since they’re actually allowed and the clock actually stops to LET them fight. I’d let them Jersey me any day 😉

5.There is nothing more beautiful than hearing “he shoots, he scores”, especially when the goal itself is beautiful enough to make the Sportscenter top 5! And who doesn’t love a good 100mph slap shot!?


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10 thoughts on “Why Ladies Love Hockey Part 2

  1. Baseballbriefs.com August 28, 2009 at 5:14 pm Reply

    Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Why Ladies Love Hockey Part 2…

    Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Why Ladies Love Hockey Part 2…

  2. wrap around curl August 28, 2009 at 6:04 pm Reply

    Obviously, the dames do it best.

  3. Derek August 28, 2009 at 8:14 pm Reply

    Certainly a lot of fun to read ladies. Loved how ya ‘ll are different. I wish I could see WHL games. That must rock.

    Good stuff!

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  5. […] I still do write things! I wrote my five reason why I love hockey over at According to Cameron Frye. Give it a read, won’t you? And enjoy the lists from the other fabulous […]

  6. read2live August 29, 2009 at 1:17 pm Reply

    I really enjoyed Part 2! Now… Ashley may be a Leafs fan, but I have to agree with number 3, hands down! And I always appreciate Sarah, but her PS is priceless… (it is also the names of some of the male cats who will populate our crazy cat colony, if it comes to that).

  7. GreenEyedLilo August 29, 2009 at 2:12 pm Reply

    I’m still such a hockey newbie, but I enjoyed reading this, and some things I love about hockey were mentioned. The fights (like the wasabi on a sushi platter), the traditions, the cozy jerseys, the sheer hard work the players put in. I really did feel like I’ve been ushered into something really unique. And yes, Sidney Crosby’s ass is amazing, though since I’m 35, I feel like Mary Kay Letourneau after I’ve followed it during the game, especially when he speaks. (His linemate Bill Guerin is also delightful to follow, though, with no icky cougary aftertaste.) There are awesome bodies alllllll over the NHL–what fun!

    My lifetime love is NASCAR, and the sheer speed of the game, the way I hold my breath when someone’s down, the many superstitions, and the way several players are related to past or present players were all comfortingly familiar to me. So was Curl’s story about sleeping through the games as a baby. I slept through some of Richard Petty’s wins and my father’s dirt track races in a blanket in the stands!

    Sorry to run off at the keyboard. I do that a lot.

  8. AmyB August 29, 2009 at 6:14 pm Reply

    @wraparoundcurl: #1 and #5? <3<3<3 Too precious.

    @caitie: #2: Nothing is better than being a college sports fan. I don't know what I'm gonna do when I have to pay full price for tickets and don't get to act obnoxious at games. Scratch that, I'll probably still get drunk and obnoxious.

    and #3: That guy is amazing. People who insist on srs announcers needs to have a little fun and chill.

    @sarah: I see what you mean about #2, but one thing I don't like is how expensive hockey is to play. I know that a lot of kids would love to play, but compared to other sports its really expensive. Also, your taste in men sounds more delicious than odd!

    @ashley: #1-#4 made me legit lol.

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  10. barnorth January 19, 2010 at 8:01 pm Reply

    This is awesome! I teach a ladies only hockey class and I’m totally going to rip off your material! It also seems like we’re doing some of the same stuff, check it out when you have time: http://barnorth.wordpress.com/
    Keep it up!

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