Nostalgia is so hot right now.

If you didn’t get the memo, nostalgia is having the best week ever. The New York Times ran an article about Generation Y (really?) longing for their childhood and recently FNX’s The Sandbox talked about what they’d bring back from the dead. While I do agree with the kids in the sandbox that Ecto Cooler Punch needs to come back stat and I did think it was cool that they didn’t care if we got popcorn on the floor of The Ground Round, I still think there’s a few things we are lacking in the world. So here, is my list of things I miss:

Waffle-O’s cereal

I tend to bring Waffle-O’s up to people and no one seems to remember it. Waffle-O’s, which was a pre-cursor to Waffle Crisp, was the staple of my Saturday morning experiences and the best part was that it tasted like sugary maple syrup, plus it tasted it great on ice cream. See, if they had Waffle-O’s at yogurt places nowadays, I’d be screwed. I’d be happy, but screwed. I blame this cereal for turning me into the fat kid that I am today. I remember one of their prizes was light switch plate sticker. I had that sticker on my light switch plate from pre-school and it stayed on until I graduated from college, I think. I didn’t talk to my parents for about a week when I found out they threw it out. Way to toss my childhood away, Bob & Nora!

The Baby-Sitters Club

Best book in the series!

Best book in the series!

There was a time in my life when I thought the sun rose and set around Ann M. Martin. Sure I followed the exploits of the Wakefield Twins and watched Taffy Sinclair go from being the original Regina George to America’s sweetheart. But girls of the BSC were my favorites. They reminded me of my friends and I could see a little bit of myself in each other them. Plus they made bank. Plus they inspired me to earn my own dough when 11 or 12. Granted nowadays, the only time I talk about the BSC is with Curl and it’s usually about how Kristy was such a lesbian, how Jackie Rodowsky probably caught Maryanne and Logan boning on his parent’s bed and how when Stacey grew up, she probably moved back to NYC and lives a fabulous life and is now hooked on coke. But now matter what, the girls of Stoneybrook still have a special place in my heart. Speacial thanks to Sports Girl Kat for recommending Claudia’s Room. A must read for all BSC fans!

 Shannen Doherty

Queen Bitch

Queen Bitch

Ok. Now, I know she’s new 90210 – but it’s not the same! I want to remember Brenda Walsh during the peak of bitchiness. You know, when she was in her Contempo Casual, flannel shirt & teen angst glory? Shannen first came into my life thanks to Sarah Jessica Parker’s love of dance  in Girls Just Want to Have Fun. I watched her and the rest of the Witherspoon clan on Our House. When she was on Life Goes On torturing Corky Thatcher and in Heathers, we started to see something special in Shannen. But it wasn’t until she moved to Beverly Hills where I really feel in love with her. Shannen Doherty was amazing and made Brenda Walsh, let’s be honest, the best character on that show and brought the acting on the show to a whole new level and let’s not forget the ‘zine! I’m still bummed she bailed and ran off to Europe(thank God she didn’t marry Stewart!). Valerie Malone could never and will never fill her motorcycle boots.  

SNICK (The original lineup)

Saturday nights were always sleepover night at Casa de Frye and in the early 90’s Nickelodeon was at its peak and had by far the best Saturday night line up ever. After engorging ourselves with pizza, cool ranch Doritos and ice cream, we’d pop the TV on check out SNICK. It all started off with Clarissa Explains it All. Girls wanted to be her and what boy didn’t want to climb through her window?  Roundhouse followed Clarrisa and it this kinds of morally good mixture of comedy, song and dance. It wasn’t as cheesy & young as the MMC (although they did have The Party), but it was perfect for pre-teens. Next was Ren & Stimpy, which was by far the best cartoon ever to air on Nickelodeon and SNICK closed out Are You Afraid of the Dark?. Occasionally, there was a really scary episode. But really, we watched it for the cute teenaged Canadian boys. SNICK fit in perfectly in between makeovers and games of truth or dare and I’ll be honest, I miss those parties. Who’s up for a sleepover?


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