Bye Bye, BCN

The radio station that helped introduced U2 and The Police to the world, is supposedly signing off for good. Word on the street or in The Sandbox at least,  is that WBCN will start broadcasting MIX 98.5 on their frequency and 98.5 will turn into The Sports Hub.  Because that’s what Boston needs, another sports station. Well, at least it’ll be a sports station I can actually tune into without forming a tinfoil tower and if The Sports Hub need a blogger for the station – call me! I work for cheap.

‘BCN is(well, was) legendary and it’s been a staple here, for what seems like forever. Before I had good taste in music and I was too young to know better, I listened to ‘BCN. When I was an angry pink haired young girl who loved Korn and thought Fred Durst was the shit(Stop it! You know you all still have ‘3 dollah bill, y’all’!), I listed to ‘BCN. They introduce me to Hoo Hoo Howard,  was a temporary home for Opie & Anthony(who’s antics seem tame compared to pedo, Mark Parenteau, shenanigans. Yeesh!) and even Bono expressed his love for the station that helped introduce them to the US.

So if WBCN is slowly going the way of the buffalo, I’ll be bummed to see it go. It was something I kinda expected to be around forever. Toucher & Rich(Who I do enjoy listening too sometimes, especially when Freddy T is having a classic melt down of epic proportions) are supposed to be joining The Sports Hub and that will leave rest of the on-air staff of The Boston Concert Network looking for a job. Adolfo Gonzalez has a job and Adam 12 doesn’t? That seriously doesn’t sound fair – but what can you do?

So thank you, WBCN for everything – we’ll definitely miss you in Boston.

EDIT: The switch will happen in August and WBCN will be an online station. More info here.


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