The Third Most Famous Jack Jackson Is Staying In LA……For Now.

jack_johnson So if you remember about a week ago, The Score’s Steve Ludzik decided to spill to the world that Chris Pronger would be heading on his way down to LA for Jack Johnson(No, not that one. Not him either. Yes, THAT Jack Johnson). Johnson’s name was also being tossed around in a big Tampa-LA-Pittsburgh deal. But according to L.A. Kings VP, Jeff Solomon, that’s nothing but bullshit at the L.A. Kings ‘State of the Franchise’ meeting for season ticket holders and they seem to be happy with his announcement. Now imagine if they had a winning team and how the fans would re-act?

King’s President & GM, Dean Lombardi, shared Solomon’s sentiment and shockingly enough, said the media was getting it all wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time they were thrown under the bus. But for all you Kings fans out there, Jack isn’t going to be playing in Russia(sorry, Dad) and supposedly he’s not looking for an outlandish salary(you hear that, Phil Kessel?).

So now what? The Kings ended the season in last place with a record of 34-37 with 79 points and from the sounds of it, neither part(The Kings or Johnson) probably want to deal with the other one right now – which could be why no contracts have been signed. But what do I know? The Kings are fifth in the draft and could land, Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson(I’m sure they’ll have no problems fitting that on a jersey.) from Sweden tomorrow night. Imagine your their GM, what would you do if you were in their position? Me personally, if I was in charge(and thank God for them I’m not) – I’d use the pick as a bargaining chip. Anything is possible on draft day.

But if Johnson is shipped out of town,I hope his relationship with LA fans ends better than it did with ‘Caniacs. They’re still a tad bitter.


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One thought on “The Third Most Famous Jack Jackson Is Staying In LA……For Now.

  1. Matt June 25, 2009 at 5:33 pm Reply

    Even though he gives me a heart attack around this time every year, I actually like Dean Lombardi. But really, you cant believe a damn thing he says. I dont care what he’s talking about or who he’s telling it to– I’d take anything he says with a grain of salt.
    Here’s the deal: the Kings have a TON of cap space and the #5 pick in the draft. The natives are starting to get restless in LA because, well… the Kings have won like a 8 games in 3 years.
    GM that wants to save his job + Cap Space = Rumors.
    When you look at tradable assets on the Kings, Johnson is going to be one of the 1st names mentioned. He’s a RFA, there’s possibilities that they could have problems signing him long-term and he has trade VALUE.
    Ive accepted that every single trade rumor out there for the next week is going to be Johnson and/or Frolov and/or the 5th pick for *insert expensive superstar here*
    Im just going to hide under a friggin rock until July 5th or so. Tell me when its over…

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