I Will Destroy You.

300h Since everyone under the sun is giving their opinion on the Malkin issue – I've decided to hop on the bandwagon. For the first time, I actually agree with Colin Campbell's decision. If Evgeni Malkin did get suspended, it would have been a bullshit move considering Terminal Douche, Scott Walker, didn't get suspended for his sucker punch on Aaron Ward and look what happened? Walker turned into the hero of the Hurricanes for that series. Boo.

If anyone should be getting in trouble it should be Max(ine) Talbot for going after Osgood. If Talbot didn't, Henrik Zetterberg wouldn't have gone after Max and Geno wouldn't have gone after Zetterberg. When you break it all down, Geno is really the victim. Ok, so that's a stretch – but still, he was just defending a teammate, who he thought was being attacked. Which is exactly what Zetterberg was doing.

Geno will play on Tuesday, hopefully the Penguins will win and Cameron will be happy gal. It's not rocket science and I know it makes no sense. But why would the NHL start making sense now?


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One thought on “I Will Destroy You.

  1. King Steve June 1, 2009 at 11:31 pm Reply

    Go Red Wings!

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