So that makes it’s ok to sucker punch someone?

Last week, after the Bruins left the ice and the Carolina Hurricanes blew(get it!*fart noise*) out of town – Joe Haggerty published on his Big Bad Blog that Scott Walker' found out his wife was diagnosed with cancer while the 'Canes were playing the Bruins. 

Hey Bruins fans – you know that guy you've been cursing? His wife has cancer! Congrats! You heartless, bastards! I'm sorry, but just because he was supposedly under stress doesn't excuse what he did. By the way, if he used that as an excuse when talking to Colin Campbell last week, that's BS. Am I coming off like a bitter douche, probably – but you check your personal shit at the door and it shouldn't affect the way you are at work.

Do I feel bad for the guy? Of course I do! I've lost people very close to me to cancer and it's something I wouldn't wish on my own worst enemy. But I'm not going excuse what he did, just because his wife is sick. Call me an asshole all you want, but cancer or not, Walker got off easy and should have been suspended end of story.  


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2 thoughts on “So that makes it’s ok to sucker punch someone?

  1. King Steve May 25, 2009 at 10:24 am Reply

    Everyone should punch a Bruin. They should make that mandatory on your 18th birthday.

  2. Ell Jay May 25, 2009 at 1:56 pm Reply

    Don’t get me wrong, Walker is a dirty player and should probably have been suspended for a game, but what’s the excuse for Ward standing there like an idiot and watching the punch come at him? Sure, he might not want to drop his gloves, but some hockey players in that situation might get their hands up in front of their face, duck, or at the very least BLINK…

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