Well, that was a trifecta of suck….

5Yeah, so – I didn't see that happening. But then again, I should be use to disappointment. I am from Boston. Anyways, I've gone through the death stages already and I'm pretty much over it. I've done my best Rupert Pupkin and wished Cancer upon Scott Walker, I got teary eyed and had a boo-hoo, I've denied the goal was even scored and tried to convince myself that due to terrorist activities in the United State – Gary Bettman canceled the playoffs and we'll take it up next year.

But it did. So now what? Will I watch the rest of The Stanley Cup Playoffs? Probably. But I swear, if it's another Pittsburgh/Detroit series – I'm going to throw my tv out the window. I'm tired and over the same teams getting in the finals. No one wants to see that! My only hope is that The Chicago Blackhawks make it and win it all.

There's still the Red Sox. *snore* Baseball is getting painful for me to watch and the games are just a snoozefest. I'll save you from the David Ortiz rant. Listen, it was bound to happen one day. Whether we want to admit it or not, he is human.

Celtics? *eye roll* I'm over them. I was a big C's fans when I was a kid, but I have no emotional attachment to the team anymore. Well other than for Big Baby Davis. But somethings are left unsaid.  So godspeed to them.

So what am I going to do? How am I going to distract myself? I'm going to watch  The Memorial Cup ! The Cup starts tonight in Canada and thank GOD, the NHL Network is airing it. So if you live in one of the 16 houses that gets the NHL Network, cheers to you! You're in luck!  Go Windsor Spitfires! Plus The Providence Bruins are taking on the Hershey Bearsin the Eastern Conference Finals. So you can go heckle Simeon Varlamov, I know I will and maybe if we're lucky, Vladimir Sobotka will stab someone with their skate.


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One thought on “Well, that was a trifecta of suck….

  1. Sarah May 16, 2009 at 3:06 pm Reply

    Oh man I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE CALDER CUP PLAYOFFS. I’m going next Friday and probably next Monday too, to the games down in Prov-town – want to come?
    (although, I might wear my Simmy t-shirt….no heckling the baby goalie for me! *hides*)
    Vlado better stab a bitch. :]
    Also I hate baseball, and the only thing keeping me interested in the Celtics is in fact Big Baby and Rajon Rondo. So there. 😀

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