So what are we going to do about this guy?

Xbk2mq In classic NHL form, they've decided not to suspend Carolina Hurricane forward and super douche bag, Scott Walker, for sucker punching Aaron Ward in the third period and possibly breaking his orbital bone. Instead, Walker will have to pay a $2,500 fineand give up his tv viewing privileges for a week.

The NHL ruled that the punch was not a sucker punch(Really? did you even watch the video?) and seem to be find with the fact that someone could have been seriously hurt.  This is why I can't take Colin Campbell or any of the higher ups at the NHL seriously. They make rules and then they break them. Why did Donald Brashear have to serve a six game suspension and Walker is sent on his way with a balloon and gift cards to Arby's? But then again, these are the same fools who think calling a confirmed puck bunny  sloppy seconds, is worse than biting someone.

So what's going to happen to Walker tomorrow night? I personally would like someone to break his clavicle, but that's just me. Suggestions?


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