Penny For You Thoughts?

Brad_penny See, this is the thing that kills me about Sox fans. They were ready to jump off the ledge with the slow start and now since they've become hot, they've found something else to bitch about.

Brad Penny, is coming off an injury and he's coming from the National League – give the bastard a chance. I was so close to throwing my phone at a wall whenever someone started ranting about Penny and how this experiment was a bust last night. He's pitched 4 games, people. FOUR GAMES! 2 of which, since so many of you have seemed to forget, he got the W for. Listen, I know it's tough, but give the guy a break!

He was injured most of last year and the American League is a different beast. Beckett went through it too. Granted, he was a little more successful – but we all remember how many home runs he gave up that first year. He wasn't always the MVP when he first road into town.

Besides, Penny wasn't the only one who fucked up last night. I'm looking at you Lopez. As a whole, the team is doing great. There's been some rough patches, but they're still playing great! I've watched the team through the good times and the bad times. Lord knows there were plenty of bad times, but Jesus Christ, can't you people be happy? We're a game out of first, the Devil Rays are in the cellar and the Yankees are barely playing .500 ball. Nope, can't be happy. Have to be miserable.


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One thought on “Penny For You Thoughts?

  1. Doug G May 3, 2009 at 10:24 pm Reply

    Penny’s performance aside, the Rays have ALWAYS stepped up their game when they’ve played the Sox and Yankees. Even when they were losing 90 games a season.
    Everyone coming to Boston gets a one year grace period from me before I start complaining. *glaring at Lugo*

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