Game 4

261819-485596 This time last year, the Bruins were already out of the playoffs, but a lot has changed since then. I know it's generic and I've said it over and over – but it's true. There's something special about this team and the fact they actually play like a team is refreshing.

I know there are tons of people out there who would kill to have that BIG name guy on the team - but we've got better than that. We've got guys who go out there and perform every night. We've got veterans guys who take the time and work with the youth of the team and help them become better players. Plus we have youth that'll give a veteran that spark they've been longing for.

We saw the resurgence of Michael Ryder with the thanks of David Krejci and Blake Wheeler. We saw the veteran take rookies like, Byron Bitz and Matt Hunwick, under their wings and look at the players they grew into this season. Almost everyone seems to walk of the ice at the end of the night with a point and they do whatever they can to make sure the team succeeds. I'd rather have that than a flashy 50 goal scorer. But then again, I like Sean Avery – so what do I know?

But anyways, back to the main topic. The B's haven't been in a position like this in while. So to put it mildly, tonight is kind of a big deal. So don't screw it up! No, kidding. No, I'm serious. Watch your tempers, score early and score often. Let them get the penalties and spend time in the box. Good luck, boys and Go B's!


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