One more….Just one more!

4639305 Well, Carrie Underwood didn't make it to Boston last night– so the Bruins won! Yay! The B's got their 50th win last night and are one win away from clinching the conference. The Bruins could clinch tonight without even hitting the ice. If the Sabres beat Washington, the Bruins would be the conference champs. So as much as it might pain some of you to support any sports team from New York, root for Buffalo. Who knows, maybe there will be a sea of black and gold celebrating in the streets of Boston this weekend!

But if the KGB don't choke on a big ol' cup of borscht , the B's have to beat the Rangers. The Rangers are a new team since changing coached and Avery join the team. They're currently in 8th place and the Florida Panthers aren't that far behind. Speaking of Avery and I need this shirt

The Rangers bit the bullet and lost to the Hurricanes last night, while the B's won and extended their winning streak to five games Since I'll be at my best friend's wedding shower most of the morning, consider this post also my preview. I'm saying the B's are going to throw down and will beat the Rangers, 3-2. I'm also predicting AT LEAST 3 fights and maybe, just maybe – a Ference/Avery rematch.

If the B's do clinch, drinks should be on Tim Thomas. According to reports that came out late last night, Thomas signed a multi-year deal with the Bruins worth about $5 million a year. Well, deserved if you ask me – but this new deal leads some fans wondering how is this going to financially affect the negotiations with Phil Kessel, Matt Hunwick & this year's Seventh Player Award winner, David Krejci.

Now if you excuse me, I need to go back to writing about The Swedish….

Picture of obviously a miserable Senators fan c/o Chris from


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One thought on “One more….Just one more!

  1. Bit Hitz May 13, 2009 at 9:04 pm Reply

    Fuck the Caps! They learned what Pittsburgh ass whooping is all about tonight! Clean out your lockers, your season is OVER!
    Sid the Kid dishing out some OWNAGE!
    Better luck next year pussies… yeah, right.

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