Bruins Battle The Bolts During Bru Fest!

610x  If you like booze and hockey, you're in luck people! The B's are in town and we've got another Sam Adams Bru Fest. So be sure to head on down to The Vault and get your free beer with your specially priced ticket. Personally, I will be watching the game from home with a large glass of vodka filled to the tippy top. Is it wrong to call alcohol 'Pain Go Bye Bye Juice'?( –Patton Oswalt)


The Bruins take on the Tampa Bar Lightning tonight. The last time the B’s played the Lighting was during that awful road to nowhere trip where they lost 4 out of 5. The Lightning will be bringing back to Boston, Martin Karsums & Matt Lashoff and becoming reacquainted, with former teammate and current new Bruins fan favorite, Mark Recchi.  Since leaving for sunny Florida, Lashoff has played in seven games and has recorded 5 assists – he had one assist after playing 16 games for Boston. Maybe he couldn’t take the pressure in a major market – who knows? Karsums hasn’t had much success – he’s played in 12 games and has recorded 2 assists and no goals. Ehh could be worse.

Recchi seems to be fitting in quite nicely in Boston, so at least we got that going for us. I’m think the B’s are going to pull this one off. They’ve got a three game winning streak going and after the game in Philly, I’m thinking it should be easy.  Bruins win 5-1.

No word on if Phil Kessel will be gracing the fans with his presence or has BU party to go to or if he’s still ‘hurt’. But it’s still early in the morning – so who knows. *edit @10:43 AM* according to John Bishop's twitter pageKessel was the only forward missing during practice this morning. Maybe he hasn't recovered from the BU celebration party Sunday night?


And finally, congrats to Patrice Bergeron, HubHockey and From the Rink are both reporting he’s been nominated for the Masterson Memorial Trophy. See, I’m not a complete douche.


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One thought on “Bruins Battle The Bolts During Bru Fest!

  1. Rory April 1, 2009 at 10:08 am Reply

    It’s never wrong to call alcohol ‘Pain Go Bye Bye Juice’ – that’s it’s main function. Especially for sports fans.

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