Bruins, Booze, BU, Blank and Stalberg is pretty…

Screens_feature-35528 Good morning. I just peeled myself off the floor after a lovely night of drinking. Thanks again, Henry Santoro for your recommendation. Boomerang Vodkais now the official drink of!

Anyways, the real reason I'm writing is because, the B's are playing tonight against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Whheeee! This is going to be the sixth time the Division Champs(sounds nice, doesn't it?) play the Maple Leafs this season and the B's have run away with this season's series. They've beat them home and away – Toronto started the series off with a win at the Garden. That was also the same night when I turned to the 80 year fossil siting next to me in the Bruins press box and said, 'DID YOU SEE THAT?!?' after watching Milan Lucic decide to throw himself and Mike Van Ryan through the glass – only to have the fossil look at me in disgust and go back to working on his laptop that was running on DOS. As Jerri Blank from Strangers With Candy would say, 'Good times!'

The B's have been off this week, both Ward & Ference welcomed new bundles of joy( hopefully they're not too tired from late night diaper changes) – so the team should be well rested for these last few games. Tomorrow's game against Philly should be a dozy – but for now the focus is Toronto. The Maple Leafs are not going to be in the playoffs this year and are pretty much the equivalent of a guy coasting his way thru  work after giving his two weeks notice. Hopefully Toronto's loss last night in Buffalo will work in our favor and suck what little desire they probably have to play or win.

Oh yeah and Kessel is out. Normally, I'd freak – but if the kid needs a break, a break then he shall have.

I'm saying B's win 4-2.

Good luck to the BU, Northeastern, Vermont and UNH tonight! Hockey East is being well represented in the NCAA Hockey tournament. Viktor Stalberg(oooohhh…pretty) & Vermont beat Yale last night, 4-1 – they'll be taking on Air Force tonight, who caused a major upset against Michigan. BU, who's #1 in the nation, is taking on Ohio State tonight (Go Terriers!), New Hampshire is playing North Dakota and Northeastern is taking on Cornell.


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