Bruins vs. Devils….

I’m going to be honest; I don’t have high hopes for today’s
game. The last time the B’s had this much time off in-between games was in
Florida and that was an epic fail. Plus, take in consideration the momentum the
Jersey Devils currently running on – you can’t help but wonder if the black and
gold can pull this off.  But whenever I
do question the Bruins and their ability as a team, they surprise me and pull
off win like it was easier than a Pine Manor girl at a MIT frat party.

The Devils have 97 points and a win tonight, could put them
one point behind the Bruins. Depressing, isn’t it? But anything is possible.
The Bruins could hit the ice today and give Brodeur his worst loss of his career
– although, I’m being realistic and I’d be happy with an OT win.  Just win? Please? If not for me, do it for the
press up stairs who are desperate to write something positive. Instead of covering your love of Chipotle?

Listen, if the B's win today – I'll buy them their stupid burritos!

P.S. If you get a chance – check out Puck Daddy's mini documentary he did on the public's love/hate relationship with Sidney Crosby.


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