Thirsty Thursday With The B’s, BoSox and Duff

Well, looky here. Cameron is writing and has time to write! Wheeee!!! Much like everyone in the world, the economy has affected me – time to break down a wall, I work in finance and it's been stress-full. Granted the blog has been a great way to get my mind off of work – but there's been times as of late where I've had no time or desire to let my fingers do the talking. But, my boss is away the next few days and I have two days off next week – so I'm thinking that's going to refuel me. Plus I made calzone, so I'm hoping the power of meat and cheese helps too.

And with that, let's talk about our crappy sports teams!

I've been debating back and forth about what to say about the Bruins, but words cannot describe the utter and complete disappointment I feel while watching them. I don't get it. I don't understand how it can go this horribly bad and yet, we're still in first place. So I really can't complain. I dunno. They play the Senators tonight, which means there is a chance that we can see Hiliary Duff tonight!

Duff and comrie Lizzie McGuire is still dating Mike Comrie, who was traded to Ottawa last month. I'm such a closet fan of her's. She's adorable and I will say this – she looks better now than she did with Joel Madden. See! The cool air of the ice hockey rink is good for gals! Anyways, so Comrie went from one shitty team to another  – although, the Sens have more points. But have no chance in hell of making it to the playoffs. Come to think of it, didn't the Sens have a season like the B's did last year? Where they went on this phenomenal run and just crashed and burned in the end? Why do I remember these thing? Here's to hoping that doesn't happen for Boston. Ughhh

So my prediction is, the B's are going to come back to 'The Vault' ….errrrr…..I mean The Garden and win one for the hometown fans. They better or I'm going to cry. Well, no. Not really. How about I find whores to service them – maybe that'll get their mojo back? I'll start a new movement, we can call it – Going Down For Goals. *bangs head on desk* I really am a douche. haha

EDIT: 11:30 AM According to Joe Haggerty of The Big, Bad, Blog -  David Krejci and Phil Kessel will be playing tonight. Stephane Yelle is out.

We're 25 days away from Opening Day. Thank you, Jesus. Which mean, 38(?) days 'till I'm drunk at Fenway before noon time and sending drunkin' tweets . Since this season, Curt Schilling is busy working on video games, a comeback and being one of the talking heads at WEEI – Jonathan Papelbon is taking over his Red Light moniker. & Boston Herald is reporting that Papelbon decided to jump on the beating a dead horse or in his case dancing on dead horse bandwagon, by talkingsmack about Manny Ramirez in the latest issue of Esquire. Cuz, he's classy.

Papelboncigar1 “It just takes one guy to bring an entire team down, and that’s exactly what was happening. Once we saw that, we weren’t afraid to get rid of him. It’s like cancer. That’s what he was. Cancer. He had to go. It (stunk), but that was the only scenario that was going to work. That was it for us.” 

I know last year was the straw that broke the camel's back – but isn't it time to move on? Manny is gone and I know, he's taken his swipes at Boston, the fans, the team and what have you. But wouldn't it be better if we took the high road and ignored him and focused on bringing another title to Boston? I dunno – maybe that's just me. Or here's an idea – why doesn't Pap worry about signing a long term deal and staying with Boston(please please please stay in Boston!) instead of yammering on about Manny? I know there's no fun in that and I'm someone who loves to talk shit about the people she hates. But I was raised right, you do that behind their backs – not in the media.

Well, that's it for now. Hopefully their should be more, unless I go into a food coma after the party today at lunch.


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