One more reason to hate Philly….

" I honestly didn't think it would cause this much repercussion. I'm loyal to the team. I did nothing but support them all the way. I did all I can to help that organization, I made one mistake in six years and now I'm no longer there."


When I read about Dan Leone's(who, by the way, also has a neurological disorder and needs to use a wheelchair – nice, Jeff Luriestory on Deadspin, my heart went out to him. I've been there and the Philadelphia Eagles are completely out of line in firing him. I understand he questioned the organization's decision not to re-sign Dawkins - but what employee hasn't in the past? Well, not the Dawkins thing – but wondering what the hell our boss are doing at some point. I know I sure as hell did after my little incident with Comcast. But unlike my time there, Dan's bee a loyal employee for the last six years and has had a clean record – evidently, that means nothing if you call management retarded on Facebook. Classy.

Dear Jeff Lurie,

Stop being such a scumbag and give Dan his job back.


Cameron Frye

Here's Dan on Philly's Fox affiliate, discussing his firing:


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One thought on “One more reason to hate Philly….

  1. Monkey73 March 10, 2009 at 2:55 pm Reply

    I find it interesting that a good player can badmouth the franchise all they want in the press, especially to boost their touches. If they get called on it (which they rarely do) they’ll immediately be forgiven and paid millions. However, when someone CHOOSES to work for a franchise (in a low-paying job) and cares enough to voice an opinion about the team they get canned. Way to keep priorities in order owners…keep giving the millions to the spoiled mercenaries and firing the part-time workers who happen to be fans.
    Keep giving

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